Thousands of Muslims Converting to JW? Part of Oct Announcement?

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  • skeeter1

    An active JW relative told me, "Thousands of Muslims were converting to become JWs." I asked, "Where?" Response, "I'm not sure."

    Is this part of the upcoming announcement on governments turning against religion? My relative is also convinced that all the governments are going to turn against all religions and become much less tolerant. I replied that the opposite is true - religious tolerance is in vogue, and governments just want to get a handle on terrorists, who are, mainly, Muslim extremists.

    Has anyone in JWD heard this argument from the JWs?

  • fullofdoubtnow
    Thousands of Muslims Converting to JW

    They can dream.....

    There aren't thousands of any other faith converting to the wts anymore. Now people can check them out on the internet, they aren't as easily fooled into joining. There is negative growth in most countries nowadays, and the majority of baptisms are blackmailed kids of jws.

  • Dansk
    "Thousands of Muslims were converting to become JWs."

    Never! Not enough virgins to go around!


  • blondie

    Actually, proselytizing is against Muslim law. In many countries it will lead to your expulsion and on some occasions, death. Even the WTS is not foolish enough to go d2d in countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. As to "preaching" to Muslims living in areas such as the US, I have not seen an influx of Muslim JWs.

    Where do these rumors come from? I remember my JW days when certain ones would come up with such statements; I would ask where they heard that, "Oh, a Bethelite, elder, CO, told me." Me: "Told you personally? What is their name; I'd like to talk more to them about it." Them: "I don't know there name." Me: "You talked to someone and didn't find out their name?" Them: "Well, they didn't talk to me directly; they told my cousin." Me: "What's your cousin's name; I want to talk to them and confirm this before I pass it on." Them: "I don't think I should tell you; they told me not to tell anyone................"


  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    I get the impression that for an Islamic person to convert to JW let alone Christianity would be the worst thing that person could ever do in their life.

    A woman at the hall I went to did that and apparently it didn't go over well with her Islamic family.

    I would think the reason why, is that it is not just a religious issue. It's an entire culture. If an Islamic woman becomes JW think about how that affects her home life let alone her life within their large extended family and ciricle of friends.

  • sspo

    There is an Arabic congr. around San diego area but I know people are not flocking to it.

  • carla

    I ran across a Muslim page about jw's once. They had some great scans! Apparently the jw's bother the Muslims too.

  • DannyBloem

    That is certainly not true here, and we have plenty of muslims.

    I now only a dozen or so, who actually became JW

  • KW13

    its just one of those dub rumours.

  • anewme

    My husband studied with a muslim woman and she became baptized. It was a big deal because according to her if her family in Iran ever knew she turned from the faith they would kill her.

    But as of this writing she is now baptized 7 years. She claimed what did it for her was that witnesses did not believe in the trinity, something she felt Christendom was wrong about.

    I remember her telling me that alot of her muslim friends though were becoming maintstream Christians and there was a huge Farsi Christian Church in the area.

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