What Is Your Life's Work?

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  • choosing life
    choosing life

    What is it that you do in life that makes you feel like you are accomplishing something important? Something that makes sense to you and gives you a sense of personal satisfaction. For me it has always been my work of helping others as a nurse. Just the small things to comfort someone in distress. Every shift I work,I try to find at least one occassion to make that human connection. I didn't get that sense of helping others in field service much-only with Bible studies. Most of my time seemed to be wasted just putting in time-fruitless busy work. I think everyone has something that brings them this sense of satisfaction. What is it for you?

  • Quandry

    Thank you for your post.

    How wonderful that you are a caring nurse, dedicated to making the lives of others better. You are truly making a difference and doing something worthwhile, as any one of us would attest who have ever had an illness or accident and needed medical care. What a relief we feel when a nurse comes. We feel taken care of.

    I work with children in a school. I feel that it is very important to encourage children to do their best in school. They can grow up to make a difference, also. I try to make them feel special, and tell them how important they are.

    I well know the devastation that can come from the Society, and how I used to feel that I never measured up. Also, when my sixteen year old daughter made a couple of teenage mistakes, her first, the elders accused her of things she did not do, including fornication. Instead of offering counsel for what she did do, they tried to force her to admit to fornication, called her a liar when she would not, and made her read a scripture in Rev. that God viewed her as filth, and she would burn in the lake of fire with the devil and his angels, then df'd her. Never a kind word or even discussed the reason that they felt she must be df'd.

    You can imagine the demoralizing effect this has on a child, and of course, us, her parents.

    I have determined that I will get my degree in college to be in a position to reach more children and further help them. I feel the great need to feel a sense of accomplishment in life.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    What is it that you do in life that makes you feel like you are accomplishing something important? Something that makes sense to you and gives you a sense of personal satisfaction.

    The work I did with abuse survivors either childhood abuseor spousal abuse. I know I was able to help a few people make important and life altering changes in their lives. Moving into the area of spiritual abuse has been a lot easier than I thought.

  • Gregor

    Interesting question. I guess I would have to say it continues to be trying to grow in learning what life is all about and how I fit into it. To make forward progress as a person who I would want to associate with.

    Having the meaning of life handed to you in a pre-programed script is not a good way to experience the first 35 or so years of your life. It's hard to describe the inner conflicts of having to avoid or discard your own inner thoughts and observations about the important things in life when they don't mesh with the almighty Watchtower Society. There are many people of advanced age in the WTS who have never learned anything about life on their own. They are truly Watchtower zombies.

  • jaguarbass

    Your lucky that you have something that you do that brings you satisfaction. Life has meaning for you. I like to play music to drunks in bars, it helps them forget their problems.

  • Blueblades

    Ever since leaving the Watchtower about four years now, I am now in the health care work helping the hearing impaired to hear better. Very satisfying work.


  • Swamboozled

    I'm a full-time mom. So I guess my life's work is trying to raise children that will one day become fully functional adults that can contribute something. It's a good thing I left the borg when I did or I never would have accomplished that. When I look at my kids I'm really proud of the job I'm doing. They are caring, intelligent and polite. They really are the minority when it comes to kids nowadays.

  • aarque

    I have been a librarian for more than 35 years. It's a great job working with everyone from pre-schoolers all the way up to senior citizens; trying to find that perfect book for a reluctant reader (the Where's Waldo series is always popular)...answering all sorts of questions (how does a fly walk on the ceiling?)...teaching basic computer skills to retirees...every day brings something new.

    As a kid, I would spend most of my free time at the

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  • mama1119

    Right now, my lifes work is my baby girl. And boy is she work!!! She is 3 and has the energy of 4 kids all wrapped into one. I am due in November with another girl. Maybe she will be my mellow one.

  • mouthy

    http://exwitnessgrace.homestead.com/free.html <

    this is my lifes work -I will do it till I die.. MANY have come free from bondage with the help of me & many others in the support group

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