My Experience (become JW and DF)

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  • itsallgoodnow

    wow. welcome, windchime. I think the culture in Japan probably has a lot to do with your experience. Jehovah's Witnesses would be more strict anywhere, but I never considered how much pressure would be on the witnesses, especially the women, in Japan. Thanks for sharing your story. I am glad you married this man who loves you and you are free from the family who wanted to control you too much, but I know the loss hurts. You had a very hard decision to make and you probably feel really bad about it sometimes, but you did the right thing.

    thanks for sharing.

  • windchime

    Thank you for your quick respond, itsallgoodnow!
    In JP, too many sisters comparing brothers and it is hard to find her own. One sister said to one brother, sisters twice of the truck load! Of course a brother popular amongs the girls may MS, Elders or bethelites. It seemed to me sisters those who marry around me did pioneering and their husbands were MS, Elders or to-be. I have heard a parents who has daughter bought a car for bethelite brother. My brother is an active JW and stay single, I remember I wish to marry very much.

  • evita

    Welcome windchime
    Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad you found the courage to leave the religion and find your own happiness. It can take a long time to let go of the belief system and conflicted feelings but it sounds like you are on your way.
    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  • windchime

    Let me correct my latest post first.
    >My brother is an active JW and stay single, I remember I wish to marry very much.
    My brother is an active JW and stay single, I remember he wished to marry very much.

    Thank you, evita. Just after I was disfellowshiped, I thought JW had truth, believed their teachings. That's why I kept attending meetings and after marrige I was suffered from fear of Armageddon. Before and after DF, I kept struggling to choose which one I would associate with...JWs (5 million worldwide including my family) or my dearest. Finally I chose my husband.
    For about three years I haven't checked any of JW related sites since it was prohibited, even I was DFd, I was kept by that rule. I have no one to ask for a advice regarding my JW parent issues. My husband is very kind but he hates them because of their attitude.
    I couldn't go along with his parent well. I lost all the friends as they were JWs. New friends I couldn't tell about my experience or the fact I was belonging to the org. Once they told me loveless words regarding my parent, I was very shocked and I knew no one without JW experience could understand my feelings even my husband. Then I tried to see ex-JW sites. That was about 2 years ago.

  • greendawn

    Welcome windchime, I can see the JWs are the same in every part of the world. Deep down you realised they are not the good organisation they claim to be and you felt unwilling to go out and preach for them.

  • windchime

    Thanks, greendawn. Maybe you're right.

  • windchime

    Thank you, Quandry! I have found a lot of interesting experience and info here.

  • mama1119

    I am glad you were able to follow your heart windchime. I think this website will really help you feel truly free. It may help your husband understand why your parents treat you the way they do.

    Again, WELCOME!!!


  • windchime

    I was not sure I could tell my story well in English. Your comment encouraged me, thanks.

  • windchime

    >This is what find all over the earth,in every congregation, people judging and critizing you, nothing but another form of pride by looking down on others. I didn't take it as criticism, that was only my fault. I did thought my effort is not enought. >We know at one time there were 40% of publishers in Japan that were pioneering, do they do it out of love for God or is it nothing but pressure from others? We had many pioneers before, one reason is it was easy to find part-time job. and elders tend to push young people not to go to college and go into pioneering. Some of them took to go correspondence high schoool and kept auxirialy or regular pioneering. I went to full-time high school and didn't go to college because not only JW issue but also my father (non-JW at that time) told me he wouldn't (or to tell the truth, couldn't) support financially to go higher education. If I were back to those days, I would go to college to study English.

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