There *IS* a New Revelation Book!!!

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    Am I the only one wondering if the author's leg was being pulled? As soon as the "differences" are studied won't that highlight the changes? Isn't it better for the Borg to just let it all come to pass, unnoticed and not cared about or perhaps even read. Even if those with the old Revelation books have to trade them in or they are banned from the meetings if they hold out, this will only highlight those very things those of us no longer in the Collective already know. Simply that it constantly changes, and is passed off as new light, and when you are still in duped-mode it's no big deal. So why draw attention to it, it will go away. But on the other hand I hope it is a WTS worldwide requirement, that'll wake up a few honest souls. Glen

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    what active witness has only one copy at their home? turn one in there'd still be 3 or 4 more home on the bookshelf.

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    Well I can finally confirm part of OS' post:there are 2006 printings of the Revelation Book with all the revisions included. I'm happy that OS and daniel-p can provide us with a more or less accurate heads up on some things. Thanks guys.

    I hope you all can understand why I was being kinda doubtful. The lit servant at the congregation I'm stuck in, didn't ask anyone to bring in the old book. So that part of the post still sounds off to me.

    Here's a scan of one page where the whole paragraph was changed (paragraph 28) as proof:

    That lit servant also went ahead and ordered enough of these new books so that each pub had a new copy. No-one put in for such an order. Almost all were surprised about this.

    I'm surprised that the lit servant and the PO actually kept quiet that these books would be available.

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    So... is the UN still the wild beast? Or has it been demoted to a lesser beast?

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