There *IS* a New Revelation Book!!!

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I still remain confused. That is not new in itself, is it? LOL

    Does the use of the term a 'new printing' differ in any significant way to a 'revised' edition? Isn't that a distinction with no difference ? [To borrow R Franz's coinage here]

    Also - and this seems absurd to the 10th degree - why issue all the changes to made to the old books and then reprint it with the changes?

    Any clarification that will help this old fud get that?


  • daniel-p
    There is no evidence that this is a WT policy.

    Blondie, I was referring to the KM publishing all the revisions, as well as the new Rev. book containing the revisions, as well as the lack of consistency regarding the corrections on different pages. It all reflects a distinct lack of coordination... thus my comment above.

  • Finally-Free
    There *IS* a New Revelation Book!!!

    Great, yet another subflavour of the same old shit. I'm sure everyone will be foaming at the mouth drooling over it.


  • VM44

    hi blondie,

    I think that it might be this one literature servant that has made up his own "rule". But why would he want people to turn in their old books?

    Is it possible he has started his own coverup concerning the changes made in the book?

    There are JWs who think covering up the (embarrassing) facts is being loyal to Jehovah.


  • Genesis

    Blondie said : Of course, we realize that it is only in OS congregation that reportedly the literature servant asked one sister for her old book. There is no evidence that this is a WT policy.

  • blondie

    daniel-p, I was thinking more of juni's comment. I have seen how quickly "rumors" or "misunderstandings" zoom around. So far OS is the only one who has said that a lit servant asked one sister for her old Rev book in exchange for a new one. For all we know it was a misunderstood joke. Unless there is evidence he is making it a policy, I don't count it as meaning much. Remember I'm an old-timer who has been in congregations in many states and countries over a 50 year period and have never seen the rank and file told to turn in an old book for a new one, not even in jest.

    Also, I notice that 2 posters here have one of the new paperback Rev books and the "updates" are not in it.


  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Well, I'll refrain from saying all of this is a load of crock, ONLY because the congregation I'm at is consistently behind in getting all the most recent books, BOE letters, letters to the congregations etc. So MAYBE there are these new prints of the book with the changes, which haven't made their way to the Golden Horshoe. But I'm not holding my breath and will once again very much appreciate any scans of it.

    I still don't buy that the lit servant asked for the book back. In fact, at our hall its been quite the opposite for at least two years. Publishers have been trying to dump their older books at the KH and its been announced to please stop doing that.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Publishers have been trying to dump their older books at the KH and its been announced to please stop doing that.

    I dumped mine outside the door about two years ago. I think that is when they knew I was pissed!


  • VM44

    "Publishers have been trying to dump their older books at the KH and its been announced to please stop doing that."

    LOL. I know why the publishers are doing that. They just can't bring themselves to throw out their old literature! It makes them uncomfortable to even think of putting the words of the Governing Body into the trash! So they try to dispose of their old books by leaving them at the literature counter. LOL, it is sorta funny.


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    M-S -

    I know exactly what you mean!! The last few years I was in, it took FOREVER to get anything, especially a CD, Insight Books, I even had trouble getting the DT and BV (not that I ever read them, it was more for show at that point). Each meeting I'd check and see if my order was in, and each meeting it wasn't. Sometimes they didn't have any record of me ordering anything, and the whole process was started over again! By the end when I was "inactive" they wouldn't even order anything for me.

    When my mother was downsizing, she had several duplicate copies of old books, BV, KM etc. She was told to just throw them out, the KH had no need of them, and there were no new congs being formed that would need them for their libraries either.


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