What is the meaning of life?

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  • isthisit

    i figure "to eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we are to die"

  • Arthur
    but myself, I'd rather smoke and lay out under the stars, or smoke and take pictures of things that I find beautiful, and them post the pictures here for everyones enjoyment....

    OFG, I have to say that your pictures are always really enjoyable to look at. You have a really good camera eye. I have noticed that you like to take a lot of pictures of puffy clouds, and cloud formations that look like puffs of smoke. Hmmmmm, I wonder why. ( LOL )

  • sinis

    "Secret of life is that one thing, you have to figure out what that this is."

  • OpenFireGlass


    The Average American watches television seven hours a day. This is a neurological fact so ominous in its implications that it cannot be understood in words. Would it take a year of full time Television explaination and neural demonstration for us to understand how our brains have become addicted to electronic "junk," how television creates, manages and schedules our reality, how tonight's crime show becomes next week's crime wave, how the images and illusions of politics are produced?

    more here: http://deoxy.org/l_sintv.htm

  • under_believer

    I have a really hard time believing that the average working American watches 7 hours of TV a day. Maybe if you figure old people in nursing homes into the average, but even then it sounds like a stretch to me. I'd prefer a citation from a reputable source to back that up.

  • Warlock

    When....................or I should say, if...................you get to 105, you will realize the meaning of life is...................is.......................is................I forgot!


  • OpenFireGlass
    I'd prefer a citation from a reputable source to back that up.

    let's not forget, this statement was published in 1976... way before the internet... what do ya think the average internet consumption is these days?

    our brains have become addicted to electronic "junk,"

    can you disagree with this statement?

    basically, some people's meaning of life is sitting around yelling at the "monday night football game", or what is happening on "Days of our Lives", "as the World Turns"

    Yes electronic junk, is not limited to television anymore...

  • Narkissos

    An oxymoron (in "sound of silence" fashion)?

  • the dreamer dreaming
    the dreamer dreaming

    there is no meaning OF life, there is only meaning found by the living and that arises from their awareness that what is about to happen to them will impact their peace of mind in some way....and that every move they make is a gamble to some degree towards retaining or regaining peace of mind.

    Chronocide is not a sin, its only self defense

  • kid-A

    I don't mean to be insulting or anything, but there are many first-semester philosophy students who could have made that observation without having to smoke anything.

    Arthur hit the nail on the head. Alterered perceptions induced by artificial chemicals are just that: illusions. No "clarity" emerges from chemically induced alterations in neurotransmission, despite the illusory nature of such phenomena. The human mind and the neuronal networks that support it, work optimally in their natural state.

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