Good News - it is basal cell cancer....

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  • Mary

    Jeff, I'm so relieved to hear that. The best thing of course is to catch it quick. It sounds like your prognosis is excellent.

    My system metabolizes local anethetics quickly - so I got a few more needles in my face than most to get the area numb.

    That was like me a couple of weeks ago....I had to get a freckle on my nose biopsied and they stuck a needle in there to freeze it. It hurt like hell because the bone is right there.

    I was encouraged to wear a 30 SPF sunscreen from now on - I asked if higher would be better and the doc said that above 30 it is just overkill and does little more to protect the skin anyway. I have never worn SS in my life - though light complected in the winter - I never had problem burning so just never did so. I will now however.

    I wear a 45 SPF. My one girlfriend was diagnosed with skin cancer a couple of years ago and her doctor told her to wear a 60 SPF!! 30 should be fine though......just make sure you put it on all your exposed areas including your ears (as they can easily burn), the back of your neck, etc.

    Best wishes,


  • restrangled

    Here is something fun.

    I live in florida and avoid the mid day sun if at all possible.....When I was 20 years old I was burned so bad in Barbadoes My face swelled up double it size.

    Where it swelled I see damage.

    Stay out of the sun, and your skin will look great. I have had my skin looked at and there are no wrinkels..I am a 47 year old smoker.

    I hope to quit soon, but the sun is your worst enemy.-


  • bebu

    Whoa, didn't read about your situation until just now. I'm happy it's "just" basal cell cancer, as opposed to melanoma.

    Take care of yourself, Jeff, and slather on that sunscreen from here on out.


  • BrendaCloutier

    Hot Dayumed that IS great news! ((((( AKJEFF))))) ... see, the Vigils work ;)

  • serendipity

    Good news Jeff!

  • willyloman

    Well, there's a prayer answered. Good news, Jeff!

  • JWdaughter

    Yeah, the lesser of the evils is GOOD. I'm glad to hear this is a manageable thing for you. Take care! Shelly

  • Balsam

    That is very good news Jeff, know your so relieved.


  • MsMcDucket

    Jeff, sounds like the procedure wasn't pleasant. You deserve a big hug! ((((()))))!!!! I'm proud of you for not letting it go or shrug it off. I hope that your wife babie's you today! Give her a big hug for me to! I know that she must be relieved.

    Whoo! Stress!

    Whoooo saaaahhhh!

  • Sheri

    So glad to hear to good news, that is just what I had.

    Wasn't it a relief to get the confirmation you will be okay!

    Peace & Love,


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