What does it really mean? "To be, "no part of the world?"

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  • heathen

    I don't see Rome mentioned anywhere in Revelation either but it's not hard to find scriptures that condemn all who do not adhere to the christian way . The apostle Paul was the most enigmatic of the apostles , had he not asked to see ceasar he would not have been taken to ceasar and been a free man , many people believe he was put to death because of refusing to show ceasar worship . Jesus was no part of the world in that he did not involve himself with the dispute between Romans and Jews but offered to help either side with miracles and teachings , nationalism is a big way to involve yourself in the world and satan is the ruler of the world . First century christians had no political philosophies but were willing to risk their lives in order to teach and help those of all national back grounds thus saving them as treasure in heaven . IMO

  • jwfacts

    The way this scripture is used often depends on the reference point of the user.

    As a JW I had always been led to believe it meant simply not associating with worldly people, anyone not a Jehovah's Witness.

    A broader Christian view is that it means acting as a Christian.

    The Perennial Philophical view would be that not being part of the world means to have no attachement to this world looking forward to the spiritual world to follow.

  • Geronimo

    Hi Acadian. I'm assuming you still believe the Bible in some way and to some extent? If so, my answer is I DON'T KNOW. If you no longer believe the Bible in any way or to any extent, my reply is I DON'T CARE. I'm teasing of course. Either way, I do care what you think and feel or I wouldn't be frequenting this board. In my own life, being no part of the world has always been to step apart from the herd (except for my stint as a JW), question authority, question science, question politics and politicians and economists and everybody. To be as critical in my thinking as my limited intellect allows. To always be open to new ideas, to change, if new information warrants it. (It often does) I don't follow fads and pop culture. I listen to the music I like, which is a very broad spectrum. Same with movies and other forms of entertainment, including the arts. If the culture at large is "into" something, then I'm likely to be nowhere around. Clothing, choice of car, job, everything. I am repelled by the herd. Utterly.

    In the context of the Bible, I honestly don't think there is an answer. There were just too many people not only involved in wiriting these books but editing and enlarging them as well. One can find support for almost anything in the Bible. There will be as many answers to your question as there are respondents. Everyting be irie mon. G

  • acadian

    heathen, JWfacts and Geronimo thank you for your comments!

    There will be as many answers to your question as there are respondents. Everyting be irie mon. G

    Yes I know, but I like to see what views others have. I have always had core beliefs, even as a J-dub, thats why I'm not a JW today I've never been totally closed minded about my beliefs (that I couldn't learn from others) It's not that I don't have a belief about being no part of the world, I just like to see what others views are on diferant subjects. Thanks again everyone! Peace Acadian

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