September 1st The new theocratic year

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  • monkeyshine

    Great post lawrence! That's what I call dedication and blind faith in whatever.

  • gymbob

    I worship at the golf course these days, and my goal is to put in enough hours to break 80 this year. Pray for me......or do the hokey-pokey, whatever makes your boat float. GYMBB

  • earthtone

    So much to do , so much to do

    Well first I plan to revamp my finanical future, so that I will be able to take care of my JW mom (who has no 401k ) so that in 20yrs (after no big A) she won't be living on the streets. Also start putting money away so my little brother can go to college

    Secondly, I gonna learn how to dance, Good! I'm taking stepping classes. No not the kind they do at the blk colleges, but the kind they do in chicago clubs. here's an example in R.Kelly's video happy people -

    Third celebrate holidays for the first time in 17yrs. Turkey Day, here I come.

    Go to a Bears Game - GO BEARS!

    Get a theraputic massage - My shoulder and wrist are beggin for one - every other month.

    Save for the apostate fest !

  • earthtone


    this was fun

  • daniel-p
    if you become inactive "0 hour a month" it won't be long the elders will be calling on you and then you will have to give a good reason for slacking off.

    I stopped turning my time in over 6 months ago, so I am already officially "inactive." I know it brings down the heat on me, but I just can't stand lying anymore.

  • ballistic

    More apostfests I think.

  • calico

    Happy New Year

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