A Jehovah's Witness is walking past a telephone box when...

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    Urban Lorefrom the Watchtower World

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    And I believed the one about the sister who knocked on the door of a violent rapist/murderer who has just raped/murdered/canibalised the occupant of the house but who did not attack the sister because as he told the police later of the two burly men (

    That's why I love this site!

    Just when I thought I've seen it all, there it is. I remember this story and I also remember thinking "wooooow".

    It's amazing the things I've forgotten over the years. And what's more amazing is how those "normal" things are now so strange.

    It's addicting to here that stuff because I can't wait to be reminded of some other rule, story, or "scientific fact'" that I forgot about.

    It is almost like talking to a hypnotist who is unlocking memories long tucked away.

  • lesterd

    Didnt you hear the one where a man was bedridden for months, and in the spring e left his window open and a pair of birds began to build a nest on his window sill, well he was very interested in the small engineering feat the birds were doing. After the chicks hatched and the birds left the nest the man began carefully taking the nest apart marveling at it construction. In unraveling the twigs a piece of paper with only one word printed on it, "watchtower". From that he launched himself into finding the watchtower and became a JW...birdbrain.

  • lesterd

    Strange??? I was a spuervisor for a large building maintance company, I was told about a man that worked remotely for me and that they had tried to fire him..no one would could, they wanted me to do it. I went to the site where he worked and immediatly saw the reason why, he was a black man well over 6'6" and about 280 lbs of muscel, but that wasnt the thing that I saw when I looked into his eyes. He knew what I was there for. I reasoned with him about how it would be easier for him to quite that for use to fired him, his responsce was, "do you know who I am?", I knew his source and said yes, he stated that his name was legions and he knew who I was by the angels who were with me. He quite without somuch as a cross word...go figure, this is a true story.

  • tijkmo

    heard it...at least 10 years ago

    not sure it would pass the proof of truthfulness declaration though..


  • Sweetp0985

    i've always posted my unbelievable stories and read others....but has anyone ever heard this one about the brother testing his fiancee's faith in Jehovah??

    bro doe and sis doette go on a picnic after field service. bro doe tells sis doette that he really doesn't want to be a JW anymore. So he goes and gets his bookbag out of the car and flings it TOWARDS the pond nearby. (it landed on the bank)...so sis doette is shocked at first but then goes to the car and gets her bookbag and flings it in the pond. (it goes into the water)..she's all happy and smiling thinking no more meetings, etc. bro doe then looks at her and goes to pick up his bookbag and tells her, i was just testing to see if you really loved Jehovah. you threw your bag so hard it went all the way in the water...we are no longer engaged...

    i say lucky sis doette

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