Hitler or Fred Franz?

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  • sspo

    1 cor 5:10,11 one scripture interpreted by one single man.....Fred Franz......a man locked up at at Bethel with hardly any family has literally destroyed family relationship all over the world.

    Hitler or Fred Franz who has done more damage to humanity?

  • badboy


  • RichieRich

    Honestly Hitler.

    Hitler killed 6 million Jews and others.

    The Witnesses have only recently acquired 6 million publishers.

    From a non biased standpoint, Hitler takes the cake.

    (cake? I want some cake!)

    But from an individual to individual basis, you might say the Franz is worse, because the holocaust is acknowledged, and there are a lot of things in motion to correct those atrocities.

    FRanz is still screing up lives, with no end in sight.

  • IP_SEC

    All dubs (except minors) are imprisoned by choice. it is choice to listen to franz, watchtower, elders, bible. No choice involved with hit lar. do or die or go to jail, do not pass go.

  • IP_SEC

    Further, saying franz screwed up anyones life is like saying ron popeil makes people waste their money. Either you listen to a lunatic or you dont. If I listen to a moron and do what he says, thats my fault not his.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Hitler, without a doubt. His atrocities are still affecting and will forever affect the world in some ways. How does a planet heal from the murder of 6 million Jews, and countless millions of others killed as a result of the war he began?

    Fred Franz was an arrogant bastard that believed he was chosen for a special mission by God. He set in place terrible rules and regulations for a minor religious faction that has cost some lives and certainly damaged families. He mistranslated the Bible to forward his own doctrinal postitions [is that a sin worthy of hell?]. But he does not compare with the brutal actions of Hitler. I can't even see them compared in any way honestly.


  • blondie

    Hitler, and FF is not even a close second or 1,000,000th.

    BTW that was 6 million Jews and 6 million others in the camps.

    Let's not get too egocentric about the JW experience; they are a hardly a blip compared to world at large.


  • slimboyfat

    What a stupid thread.

    I thought I had a monopoly on those.


  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Hitler would get the vote. Any JW has the freedom of choice to say NO, this is STUPID....I will NOT follow this advice. Funny thing is, most JWs do not excerise any freedom of thought. They LIKE being told what, how, why and even go against common sense. What a waste of human abilities.....

  • jayhawk1

    Hitler killed people and caused the largest war of all time.

    Franz ruined the lives of millions by what he wrote.

    Hitler is worse.

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