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  • moshe

    I had the opportunity to talk to two JW's in service today. They were working a neigborhood that I had a job in. I really tried to get a good discussion going , but they made it hard. They kept telling me that the only wanted a "positive discussion". They just would not take the bait on any topic I wanted to discuss, 1975, 1914, lack of JW charity/soup kitchens,etc. Finally the 50ish sister cut it off and left with the younger sister. I tried walking with them and talking some more, but then they said goodbye and got into their car and left the territory. I am wondering what happened to all the fire that JW's used to have, apparently they only want a positive discussion (one-sided) with an uninformed person. Is this how they do their field service now?

  • poppers

    I made one run away from me earlier this summer when I challenged her conscience on shunning family members. It was great.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I doubt they'd be able to debate 1975, 1914 etc very well anyway. I know more about those things now I've left than I ever knew while I was in. The 50 year old probably has some idea, but the younger dubs don't have a clue on how to debate those things. Apart from that, they expect to dominate conversations with the people they meet in the fs anyway, and don't like listening to others talk, especially if it's something specific regarding doctrine that they aren't comfortable with.

    I'm almost surprised they didn't tell you they'd go and look the information up and return at a later date to discuss it, that's the usual way they get out of sticky situations.

  • carla

    You mean they only want to talk with you if you agree with them? shocking.

  • Warlock

    Moshe, It also depends on the witness. The older one probably figured you were at least an "apostate associate". The younger one probably had no clue. Warlock

  • Dismembered

    Greetings moshe,

    :I wanted to discuss, 1975, 1914, lack of JW charity/soup kitchens,etc

    You'd confound them. They're supposed to control you with the questions.


  • metatron

    What a change from previous years! Take it as a sign that they're nearly spent intellectually and becoming increasingly



  • Legolas
    apparently they only want a positive discussion (one-sided) with an uninformed person


    That's all I ever wanted!

  • crankytoe

    I've always been told to shun any person or reading material being critical of the org. And I've had many lectures on how apostates are clever and will try to snare you into thinking like them with seemingly innocent questions. I wonder where those apostates learned how to do that?

  • daystar

    Anyone who reacts at the door with anything other than ignorance or easy acceptance may as well be some demon-possessed, fang-toothed, frothing thing. Run away!!!

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