Positive discussions only for JW's in service

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    They do not respond well to intellgent questions..I had a couple of ladies call on me.I knew more about thier religion than they did.They wanted to know why..I side stepped that(I`m a DubKid,I was raised in it.LOL!!)..It drove them to frustration..They left...OUTLAW

  • schne_belly

    Ohhhh. This is the usual response from my brother-in-law.

    No matter what you say - it is considered negative. I can quote from the bible, and he says its just me being negative.

    Granted, I did have "negative" things to say when leaving - I didn't leave because of all the positivity!!!

    Tell them to read 1 Peter 3:15 - ask them why they are refusing to defend their beliefs?

  • moshe

    The Dub who runs away gets to preach another day!

    I told the young lady as she was getting into her car that she didn't have to be unhappy. She could think for herself and have a full and rewarding life. "That's not true" , she said "I'm happy" "You need to stop lying to yourself , Jehovah knows the truth", was my comeback. Their might be a chance for the girl- she said she got baptised in 1998. She looked in her early to mid 20's. Are the JW's now thinking that anyone who disagrees with them at the door is to be treated like opposers/apostates? I remember (30+ yrs ago) how I used to debate with a householder until the group was ready to leave the territory-of course, I never won either.

  • undercover

    They've been trained to not throw their pearls before swine... no offense, moshe

    But, yea, used to in the old days, JWs would argue at the drop of a hat. They looked for fights just to prove how right they were. But over time and many failed expectations and flip flops in doctrine, they are now just out trying to make converts of anyone desperate enough to listen to them. Anyone who might want to "argue" (discuss or debate to the rational thinking ones), they quickly get away from so as to not be influenced by their obvious satanic thinking.

  • Finally-Free

    These days dubs don't want to discuss anything, and most can't. They don't want to flip through their bibles - it's too much work. They just want to place™ literature so their reports™ will look good to the elders™. The less talking the better. Most won't even ask for a donation - they would rather give money out of their own pockets and get their butts to the donut shop ASAP.


  • headmath

    Ya Finally free they go to tim hortons at the drop of a hat. They love coffee because it helps them argue at the door. The pioneer sisters doing 90 hours a month must have huge gas and coffee bills. I wonder if the WTS pays for their expenses?

  • LongHairGal


    Not only do they not want "negative" discussions at the doors, they can't deal with negative, controversial or current event discussions IN the car groups either.

    I had a problem some years ago with a lame-brain brother who was driving and I was having a backseat discussion with another E. Euro. sister about the politics in her country.

    I think the real reason is that the brother in question has a piss-poor education and could not converse on the level we were - so therefore he wanted us to change the subject. Sick, huh.


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