Scholars please on this NWT alteration 2 Peter 2:1

by Ade 11 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Ade

    Thank you Narkissos,
    I rest my case, although you dont see it as a misrepresentation, the whole point is it does remove the "Master / slave" relationship as stated.

    its not just "my" opinion my friend . you stated "Inaccuracy over translation is your opinion" it is infact the opinion of many people here and elsewhere i do infact still own a NWT however i use it to research the strange doctrines and alterations to the bible by Jehovah's witnesses .And no one has actually stated i may be "incorrect" besides yourself, however you dont seem to have researched the item or put any accurate description as to where i am wrong/right, if you can show me i would be more than willing to accept it as such.

    I do indeed live and let live, but that doesnt mean i have to accept things that are clearly to me false does it ?? or are you just another nutter lol ??

    with respect
    God bless you all

  • jayhawk1

    Geronimo, you might want to pull that NWT out of the trash. I use mine all the time on this board to show errors in JW thinking. It is worthless as a real bible, but it does have a purpose.

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