Last talk at the District Convention

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  • heathen
    We will continue to show relative subjection to properly constituted authority, respectfully giving to Caesar what is Caesar's and rendering to God the things that are God's. We do not take sides or become involved in political controversies.

    I don't get this , if all governments are in satans control since 1914 then isn't that saying you are in subjection to satan ? I thought everybody was in subjection to the FDS as the doctrine states that he is appointed over all of christs congregation . I couldn't believe when blondie told me that they changed this in 1962 , superior authorities are the secular authorities . How come the WTBTS refuses to pay france the tax put on them ? Now I'm guessing it only applies to the great crowd and not to the "anointed"? It's hard to follow their reasoning on stuff since they waffle on it all the time.

  • Frank75
    Losch brought up 1975 and compared it to a mother being wrong on predicting the day her baby would be born-of course she wouldn't throw out the baby clothes, cribs, etc because of this, she KNOWS the baby is coming!

    Just chock that up to the kooky crap they can get away with and people don't get up and walk out after hearing it.....I guess I put up with it too.

    I had a similar comeback from a JW Apologist on another site who said this. (She has been a JW since 1993, and doesn't believe any negative JW history prior to that time is relevant to her.)

    I have, however, heard as in the last convention I attended two weeks ago that the speaker said: "this may be our last convention before the new system." Then there was SILENCE. Then the speaker said: "But I have been saying this for the last 50 years." Then the audience broke into laughter.

    Ha ha ha ha haaaha! That is so funny isn't it? The above comment is typical of the cavalier attitude these guys have about what they said in the past and how it has affected thousands of people lives. Like a cat toying with a mouse, or an "evil slave beating his fellow slaves" they get a sadistic pleasure from it.

    I myself say, I hope this car will last until Armageddon.

    You see, accusation like this has become an inside joke. Nobody I know, not in the congregation or JW I meet in the ministry has ever said to me about the exact "day and hour." It's probably just misinterpretation.

    She must meet lots of JW's in "the ministry".

    I responded this way to her and make it apply doubly so to Losche:

    The difference is that if you said to all the people in your community that you are a prophet of the true God "Jehovah" and you have been appointed by him to speak for him in these days, and then you said that Armageddon is so close within 5 or 10 years and that your car will last until then…..then that makes you a false prophet if you car does not last until the end or if the end does not come in 5 to 10 years.

    No one would be upset at the mother who sincerely believed that her child would be born on a certain date.

    Who they would be upset with would be the Doctor who told them the date, made them book a hospital on that date and bullied them into doing so by power posturing the mother with "Do you not know who I am and what my credentials are as well as extensive education?". "If you do not pack your bags right now you are an idiot!"

    To be more appropriate to the context of JW's is that after all of that, the woman wasn't even pregnant, but the Doctor still sent her a bill!!


  • elatwra

    Oh dear. The woman who waited for thirty years, until the due date would be menaupausal by now! So then I would like to know if she knew how to get pregnant to begin with? And is her doctor a real doctor or did he train at the theocratic school of medicine?If all you need to translate the bible is two years of classical and one course of koine greek maybe all you need for a ob-gyn diploma is an extensive study in the song of solomon?

    Ridiculous illustration!

  • Mary
    Losch brought up 1975 and compared it to a mother being wrong on predicting the day her baby would be born-of course she wouldn't throw out the baby clothes, cribs, etc because of this, she KNOWS the baby is coming! Of course, if a woman is still expecting 30 years later there is something ELSE wrong with this picture.

    LMAO! 30 years? How about expecting the baby for 120 years and it never showed up......oh I forgot, you'd be long dead by then, but dont' worry, the baby should arrive any day now!!

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