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  • tijkmo

    i was just at my sis for came up in conversation that when they (her and hubby) were on the last circuit assembly programme - relating an experience - he had to sign a declaration specifying that the experience was true.

    i was completely taken aback by this...the irony etc...they were surprised that i was unaware of this.

    funnily enough the reason it came up was that in a different talk an experience had been acted out that is almost certainly untrue..given that it happened to a girl who is seeing a psychiatrist for constant lieing...her father had the assembly part and must surely have also had to sign the declaration..

    had anyone else had to sign such a declaration or know someone who did.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    The irony of this is if someone were the type to lie and make up a phoney experience and tell it on stage to thousands of people, they probably would bat an eyelid at signing a false declaration of truthfulness now would they?


  • purplesofa

    I had a part once and they altered what they wanted me to say

    so I knew right then, I did not believe parts that I heard.


  • Arthur
    he had to sign a declaration specifying that the experience was true.

    Why the hell, would they make him sign a document? Why not just ask him to make a verbal statement? What's the WTS going to do now; sue people for "False Experiencing"?

    Geez, it's great to see that the "Slave" has so much trust in their fellow bretheren. Maybe they should have everybody sign their time slips as well.

  • purplesofa
    What's the WTS going to do now; sue people for "False Experiencing"?


    some of your posts just crack me up!!!


  • sspo

    We all know what will happen if the experience is not true, you signed the document so it's automatic df's.

    By the way i have never heard anyone signing here in the US.

    maybe it's a British thing.

  • VM44

    This is a new development. The only thing that I can think of that would result in this is that some people have been caught being creative and making up false experiences.

    Why not just have a new Convention part entitled, "Tell a Tall Tale for Jehovah"?

    It probably would be very entertaining.


  • Nina
    he had to sign a declaration

    He did and she didn't? Is this some new demonstration of the headship arrangement?

  • katiekitten

    Will the WTS have to put legal statements at the end of all their Witchtower articles as well? We know they are WAY more creative than the R&F.

    You would think an organisation calling itself "The Truth" wouldnt have to legislate to ensure its members stuck to the aforementioned.

  • Gill

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