JW Lurkers with motives

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    Here's the resolution as my boyfriend sees it, a bit more accurate I think:


    Because of our love for the watchtower society and its’ governing body, we are determined to continue to irritate our neighbours on Saturday mornings by knocking on their doors to peddle our magazines to them, regardless of whether they want them or not, without regard for race, nationality or colour of their money.


    Having made an unreserved dedication to the watchtower society, we are determined to give the governing body our exclusive devotion. They come first in our life.


    Just as the governing body is no part of the real world, neither will we live in the real world outside the phoney watchtower paradise


    Out of loyalty to the wts, we are firmly resolved not to disobey any of the governing bodys’ rules, especially the cruel ones

    5 We refuse to become involved in any schemes that benefit our neighbours if they don’t benefit the wts more..

    We will continue to show absolute subjection to the wts, giving them all they ask of us, and we will not become involved in politics unless it suits our leadership to do so.


    We will resist any temptation to enjoy ourselves in any way because the watchtower god whom we serve deems all forms of entertainment unwholesome.

  • Sasha

    Dear Earthtone: Gee, you are the first "sister" I can relate to on this web site. This was my last convention, as I left, as well. Have you read"In Search of CHRISTIAN FREEDOM"? by Ray Franz? Two many imperfect men running the show....

  • Sasha

    Guess what the next assembly is about? Crass materialism...Really. It was announced at a meeting, I was there! Avoid materialisim. I would think that they may be running out of topics!

  • earthtone

    lol, they probably are Sasha I'm reading Crisis of Conscience now, how was his second book

  • uwishufish

    Crass materialism? This must the boat one takes to the lake on Sun. afternoon, the beach house traveled a distance to, or the motorhome for making extended road trips. Materialism= reason to miss meetings and service.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    To all lurkers who agreed to the resolution:


    "We will resist with all our strength the spirit of the world manifested in such things as materialism, unwholesome entertainment, overindulgence in food and alcoholic beverages, the plague of pornographic material and the curiosity or temptation that lures one into association with outsiders through internet chat rooms. Our resolve is to be no part of world as we ‘carry on worship that is clean from the standpoint of our God".

    JWD is not an internet chatroom.

    It is a discussion board and works quite differently than a chat room. Even the JWD chat room hasn't been working for a long time now.

    • Discussion boards are websites where you leave messages for others to read. Those who read can come back hours, days, weeks even months or years later to read what has been posted
    • Chat rooms are immediate communication. Both the sender and the receiver must be on line and chatting back and forth - like a telephone in print. Once you both end the chat the messages disappear unless you set your chat server to save the discussion.

    So please feel free to read to your heart's (and mind's) content. You will not be breaking any resolution promise.

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