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  • anewme

    Juni, I am so much happier out of the org! That was such a "Ground Hog Day" dream of repetitious old scriptures drilled into my life week after week (like I forgot it all on a weekly basis!!!!!)

    I still have a love for God and a thankfulness and a knowledge of the Bible and a working conscience, but now I have the freedom to exercise all that knowledge and make right choices out there in the world.

    I value my early Catholic training and my later JW training but I love my current freedom and the lessons learned from it all.

    I now have more of a world view and analyze situations on my own. I suffer no superstitions and accept life and death as it presents itself. I hope for the best, but resign myself to reality.
    I dont blindly and stupidly listen to others and make their views my own. I decide for myself and form my own opinions on EVERYTHING. I am still growing old and must deal with life's unforseen occurences. But I do it with grace and confidence that all things are good and all reality to be welcomed. I have time now to enjoy the earth and its beauty. I now have the freedom to enjoy all mankind and see them all as fellows.
    I dont look at children and view them as offspring of scorpions to be destroyed by God anymore, but I view them as they should be viewed as lovely young humans to be nurtured and loved.
    The list of positives is endless.

    The weekends.....we all could write a book about the great weekends since leaving the borg! Im sure all of us have experienced the great serenity and inner peace from quitting the endless effort to get to those boring pointless meetings during hail and snow storms. Good grief.

    And the freedom to choose your own associates!!!! Wow! Not to have to put up with snobs and people who grate on your nerves and people you know dont care for you. That part I am so glad to be free of!
    Some people just robbed me of joy and now I dont have to associate with them anymore. Wooohooo!!!
    Like I say, I wish I had left in 1980.....would have spared me oodles of trouble and heart ache.
    Might have even married a healthy man and had a child. Who knows?
    But, now I am an accepting realist and would not have it any other way!

    Yes, you can have a normal life outside of the org and a very happy one at that!


  • juni
    Peace Acadian ~~~ of the, I'm glad not to be normal class

    As long as you don't hurt anyone Acadian...

    Peace to you brother.


  • juni

    Hi anewme!

    I know you have found inner peace which brings peace to our other relationships.

    Thanks for your comments. Take care. Did you get the cottage painted? Enjoy those beautiful vistas w/your loving husband.



  • anewme

    Hey, thanks for asking Juni! Yes, we painted the cottage and got some new furniture and got some chickens and a rooster "Cock-a-doodle doo!" and two wee kittens we found we are having a blast with!
    MIL spends the weekends with us and we have a ball watching movies with the pups and the kits and sleeping in on Saturdays and having country breakfasts together and meeting our neighbors and taking them garden veggies and getting some of theirs.......(takes a breath) and going to the 4th of July parades and town centenniels and street fairs and looking forward to birthdays and holidays.
    MIL and I just went shopping for decorative pumpkins and gourds and she made me a lovely cornucopia for my dining table complete with fall leaves and nuts! Fun!

    You dont have to wait til after Harmageddon for a bit of paradise! There is happiness now all around us if we perceive it and grab hold of it!

    Good topic Juni! Hope you get a few more success stories. There are many out there!

  • RichieRich

    I think being raised as a witness has enriched my life outside the org.

    Of course I lost time inside, but I appreciate everything now. The ability to do normal, legal and ethically okthings, and not have to answer to a damn person about it.

  • acadian

    No Juni, my life is based on love of all life, and harming no one. See, I told you I wasn't normal. Acadian

  • Fleur
    I think the real question is "can you have a normal life Inside the JW organisation".

    What on earth do they consider the measuring line for normal???!!!!

    My sentiments exactly. At first after I left, I tried to find 'normal' a moment at a time. Seconds strung together because I felt like I was in freefall. Years later, normal is a word that I think defines my life pretty well, if not 'boring' lol. And that's just how I like it. JW's live in a constant panic state of drama, artificial drama generated by the whole "Armageddon just around the corner" thing. They are always in fight or flight mode, and that is definitely not normal... essie happy to be boring, normal and happy!

  • juni

    I had forgot about your rooster and I remember reading about that. You do have a little paradise with your animals, loving husband, beautiful cottage and vistas and a great mother in law. Isn't it hard to believe it's almost Fall? I know you mentioned that perhaps you may move, are you sure you want to?? Love, Juni

    No Juni, my life is based on love of all life, and harming no one. See, I told you I wasn't normal

    Acadian, hi again. You are like me. I love life too - animals, friends, natural wonders, etc. And harming no one. I wish the best for you.

    Juni Hi RichieRich - You've come a long way and learned a lot grasshoppa - just like KW13. Did you enjoy your Alaskan cruise w/Grandpa was it? All things from our past are not all bad. We gain from experience and you know mom loves you and wants the best for you. I have 4 adult kids who have their own families. They have thanked me for instilling in them good values. I love them all so much in spite of their shortcomings as don't we all have them? And I'm so proud of their accomplishments and their generosity to their fellow man. Take care and continue to do good towards others. Juni

  • Ironhead

    Sometimes particularly at night, I find that I struggle sleeping thinking about all the things myself and others have suffered because of the wts. I find that I have to watch humorous comedy like The Young Ones and Bottom, which I forbidden myself to watch. just to remember what sort of warped humour and fun I had in my life before becoming a dud. It has helped along with JWD.

  • juni
    They are always in fight or flight mode, and that is definitely not normal

    Hi Essie!

    Isn't that the truth!! And that is not physically or emotionally healthy. You're happy with your life. That's what counts.

    Take care. Hugs, Juni G'day Ironhead! It's good to have JWD for discussing our history in the org. I feel so much for those who are still "in" because of not wanting to lose their contact w/family members. That has got to be hard sitting there listening when you know what has gone on behind "the scenes". You're not alone w/your thoughts of the past. It took me a long time to get past having many dreams of the treatment by former friends. It does get better. And we have a good, safe place to come to get help w/our friends here. Take care. And thanks for your input. Juni

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