You know what I am sick of it

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  • hambeak

    I am doing fine and I will do what the doctor says take chemo The witnesses came by my home today and I don't know how they got my address They don't really know about me or my lifestyle or any of my health problems. When I wanted some help in the past there were no real friends just go to meetings and kiss up to the click in the congregation. KATIEKITTEN you're great. I had to keep Jake from wanting to smack one of them when they said that the only way to salvation is to be involved totally with the org. I told him to be quiet and just let me handle it.

    what do I do now? I even changed my phone number as my adult kids are wanting to know if I will make it or die soon. I can' t really handle this crap

  • Arthur

    Hi Gary,

    I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through. Just one thought. Have you thought about kindly telling the local Witnesses that you do not want any more visits? Maybe that would relieve some of the pressure.

    Warmest Regards,


  • hambeak

    Actually I had taken some vicodin and told them to get the hell off my property and go to hell since they do not adhere to the principle of love and kindness. I don't care for the self riteous attitude some of them portray.

  • simplesally

    Vicodin works well with Vodka! ....... j/k ....... hope you are doing better, ham.

  • hambeak

    Yes I'm doing alright because I just had a Mickeys beer and it was damn GOOD.

  • earthtone

    Hey, you stop that mixing medicine with alcohol crap! It may damage your liver.

    I also agree with Arthur. It may be as simple as telling them to not call on you anymore. They will label u a goat and move on. As far as your kids are concern, I hate to say it but you are going to have to adopt a don't call me unless I (or to really piss them off say jake. hehe) call you attitude.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi Gary,

    I hope the chemo goes well, and you soon get better. I will be thinking of you

    they said that the only way to salvation is to be involved totally with the org

    Yeah, they gave me that crap when I da'd last year. I said if that's the case, I'd rather not be saved than live forever with people like them. They haven't been near me since.



  • Gill

    I hope that your health improves Hambeak!

    Next time, just don't open the door to the arse holes!

    When my parents told me the same, that we would all die soon at Armageddon if we didn't return to Jehoober, I just said 'good!' I'd rather die right now where I stand than ever return to the KH or Jehoober's Witlesses!'

    It helps to make points very clearly to JWs. They're a bit on the slow side!

    Good luck with your treatment and hang on in there.

  • sass_my_frass

    Oh I'm so glad you're doing the chemo! I'm sorry about what you're going through. Just live day-to-day for a while and push them out of your mind.

  • Scully


    I bet if you told them you were gay (and fabulous!) and invited them to come and join you in the sauna (even if you don't have a sauna! LOL) , they'd run like hell and never come back.

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