Rain before Noah's flood

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  • monkeyshine

    Guys, you've been out too long. This was the "New light" on the rain thing...

    So I guess this is another one of them. ------ False interpretation of the scriptures told as if it was the truth. And we would have risked getting DF'd for questioning it. This is what scares me because if they can mess up something like that, than what about blood, DF'ing, etc. etc. etc.......

    It seems that the new light comes only after the science sheltered Witnesses FINALLY realize that something is completely impossible.

    After all these years, up until '98 I'm told, nobody ever thought it may not be true that the eco-system as we know it was formed a few thousand years ago?

    This is the perfect example of picking scriptures apart and relaying them as truth. I believe there is no way to accurately poke through, word by word, the scriptures because too much time has passed. Languages morph and human ideas are expressed in different ways from one era to another.

    From what I see 90% of the problem with religion is just that. Arrogant writers realize these books have been thoroughly interpreted. To make a mark some may embellish for the shock appeal and think "Ooh, he/she has an interesting p.o.v"! I guess that's the name of the game.

    I wish the Bible said somewhere "When it rains it means God is crying". Just to see how that was taught. It may have at one time for all we know and it was removed just like all the other convenient edits throughout time.

  • jayhawk1

    Boy that's enlightning! It might have rained 6000 years ago! Wow, what new light is in store for us in the future?

  • Jeffro

    Of course it rained before "the flood" (if it happened at all). Two words: "Nitrogen cycle".

  • riverofdeceit

    I appreciate the question. I have to point out the problem with it. You are either preaching to the choir or it is falling upon deaf ears. This is not a question that would help a JW anymore than it would help any other bible based belief system. You are forgetting the one important factor. With God (the f*cking supermagician), anything is possible. Vemomous animals being gathered up, fish(all sea creatures) needing a certain type of water- freshwater, saltwater, etc...even certain percentages of salt in the water, 50 billion different species of animals (or however many there are) being gathered up and put on a boat.), plants needing sunlight even thought the sun was created after plants... they are all explained away by the magic powers of God and accepted by illogical beliefs faith. Logic is explained away by magic God and his superpowers. Anything is possible.

  • riverofdeceit

    I would like to add, however, that I too seem to remember being told at some point, that it had never rained before the flood. ( I don't remember that it was an official teaching or not)

  • monkeyshine
    I too seem to remember being told at some point, that it had never rained before the flood.

    That's the point of the question.

    It is simply to find out if this was told to us. Yeah magic will explain it away no matter what, that's obvious.

    I think I kinda enjoy remembering strange things about growing up that way. It's just now that all of it is really sinking in and it's so "new" even though it was always there.

    Sometimes you can't remember if you dreamed some of this stuff or it was actually told to you.

  • riverofdeceit

    yeah, like I said, I've had a few drinks and I ramble. My thoughts were focused on the many recent posts about the far fetched ideas of the flood and such. Sorry bout that. But yeah, like I said, I do think I remember being told that there had never been rain before then, so it isn't just you. Of course, when you are a JW, just because something isn't an official teaching of the wbts doesn't mean it isn't told to you with that disclaimer.

  • monkeyshine

    Hey, no problem. I just poured myself a drink too.

    100 Posts! No more newbie!!!

  • hamsterbait

    The book "From Paradise lost to paradise Regained" (1958)

    Here we find the full expostion of the "theocrappic" teachings on

    1: The length of the creative day (7 000 years)

    2: The canopy of water vapor above the earth

    3: It did not rain before the flood.

    It also has other teachiings debunked by the WTBTS in the late 80's and 90's -

    The great tribulation started in 1914 and was "cut short" in 1918 so that people could escape from the wicked system.

    The sheep and goats doctrine, and that goats who die do not get a resurrection.

    Armageddy will start with shocking suddenness, with no sign.


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    From what I heard from a C.O. not that long ago is that 'we don't really know'. His answer was that the Bible really dosn't say either way and that we shouldn't be dogmatic about it. I almost fell out of my chair.

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