"What is a Jehovah's Witness?"

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  • fokyc

    Had the pleasure of two elders visiting us two weeks ago. They said, "A Jehovah's Witness is only someone who reports regularly".

    Any comments welcome please.

  • Moomin

    Hi, I've heard that too. I think they said it at a meeting that you can't be a witness of Jehovah if your not regulary witnessing.

    But at my congregation there were quite a few who never went out.

    If what the elder told you was the case then why is it only those who have been d/f or d/a that are announced as no longer Jehovah's witnesses? Perhaps they should announce those who never go out aswell.

    I don't like their flakey reasoning and the way they try and frighten people into doing things. Before I found out it wasn't God's org I used to wonder what God thought of his people only doing things for him because they were badgered into it or scared of the consequences rather than because they wanted to and had come to the decision from the will of their own hearts.

  • fokyc

    Many thanks for your response 'Moomin'. I think I might be on the way out!!

  • garybuss

    In my grandparent's generation, a Jehovah's witness was an anointed only. The other Watch Tower door to door solicitors were called "people of good will", or "companions". In my generation a Jehovah's Witness was anyone who "witnessed", or one who went door to door and turned in a field service report slip. If one didn't "witness" one month, that month the person was designated "irregular" and not a Jehovah's Witness.
    Those were the years when the baptism was a dedication to the invisible God. Now the dedication is a rite of passage to membership as a Jehovah's Witness in association with the spirit directed organization.
    So my question for the elder would have been, "If service makes a person a Jehovah's Witness or NOT, what did the baptism do?".
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  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    First, welcome fokyc and nice to have you posting!

    Secondly, Gary & Moomin made excellent replies. I'll save them for future use. You can always derive maximum feedback when you answer the elders' question with a question.(Their feedback may vary, but you'll still have a great indicator of their motive and patience by their most sure quick response. Then ask them if the Holy Spirit had anything to do with their answer while getting them to read Proverbs 15:28).

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  • AuldSoul


    Main Entry: Jehovah's Witness

    Function: noun

    Etymology: Isaiah 43:10 refers to the nation of Israel as witnesses for Jehovah.

    1. Any of a group of sycophantic theists who seek the favor of each other, hierarchical superiors, and Jehovah. 2. Any of a group of theists who believes that a pretense of nice behavior, coupled with a strong desire to proselytize everyone around them, creates a positive impression in the public regarding their God, Jehovah.

    (satire, not an actual dictionary entry)

  • blondie

    Actually, the WTS walks on both sides of the street on this one.

    Here they say:

    *** w57 2/15 p. 114 par. 4 How Jehovah’s Witnesses View Their Ministry ***

    If one does not witness, he is not one of Jehovah’s witnesses. To call ourselves witnesses of Jehovah and then to refrain from witnessing, which is ministering, would be taking Jehovah’s name in a vain or worthless way.

    Then they say this:

    *** w93 7/15 p. 27 Tenderly Shepherding Jehovah’s Precious Sheep ***

    Inactivity in the ministry or in attending Christian meetings does not mean that the sheep is no longer part of the flock. He remains part of "all the flock" for whom the elders must "render an account" to Jehovah.

    or the middle of the road when they say this:

    *** w01 12/1 p. 10 You Can Avoid a Spiritual Heart Attack ***

    Some in that situation have allowed their spiritual strength to dwindle to such a point that they become inactive, or nonpracticing, Witnesses!

    Welcome, Blondie

  • Honesty

    The funny thing about it all is that I'm doing more witnessing now than I ever did as a Pioneeeeeeeerr and don't have to punch a time card or give demonstrations on how to plaaaaaasssse litter a turd.

  • Lilycurly

    Well, my mother hasn't been to a meeting or reported for ten years...and my father still says "You know, you are still a sister, since you never DA'd or was never DF'd" . We think it's just dillusional talk, since we all know she is equally as apostate as I am and as far from a JW as could be.

  • fokyc

    Many thanks Blondie and everybody else for some very valuable information, much appreciated.


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