Did Leaving the Organization Make you Feel *Alive*?

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  • AntiPode

    Leaving is the only way to feel life.

    To hear words in songs you never heard before; to see a movie with new eyes (irregardless of it's rating); to gaze at art, and feel it, and let it affect you as the artist intended.

    To see things as they are, not put into categorized boxes.

    To go out and ride a bike and not think you have to be home in time to rush so you can then sit in a daze.

    The very appropriate name "Organization" makes life structured, rigid and ordered; to be adhered to and followed.

    Is that feeling alive?


  • reneeisorym

    Leaving JWs made me realize what life is about; life is worth living now. In fact, now I know what real life, abundant life, fulfilling and satisfying life is like. For when our eyes are opened to the astonishing truth that our relationship with God does not depend upon the puny pebble of our own efforts but upon the massive rock of His unchanging and loving character, life opens before us in a technicolor explosion of awesome possibilities.

    Grace transforms desolate and bleak plains into rich, green pastures. It changes grit-your-teeth duty into loving, enthusiastic service. It exchanges the tears and guilt of our own failed efforts for the eternal thrill and laughter of freely offered pleasures at the right hand of God!

    Ok I'm done! :)

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  • blondie
  • KW13

    For the first few months, i went wild lol. i loved it, FREEDOM!

  • luna2

    Finally deciding that I wasn't going to go back made me feel relieved...No more excuses, no more forcing myself to go when I really didn't want to, no more studying their stupid mags, no more rushing around after work and skipping dinner to get to the meeting on time, and no more stinking field service!

  • Dansk

    Considering I felt dead for most of my JW life, YES!!


  • Mysterious

    rowan, I was never afraid of armageddon it was always the thoughts of the great tribulation that would get me. Any time I would complain about an the brush getting caught in a tangle when I was a kid mom used to say how are you going to live through the great tribulation without betraying the brothers when all they have to do is brush your hair.

    Worldly Andrew, pretty powerful when you realize the watchtower is wrong and humans can create positive change without god.

    Satanus, a long process to be sure but at least one that can begin once one is free of the organization.

    earthtone, I found hobbies helped me a lot and I went back to school. The sadness goes away. I'm not sure about the anger though.

    Pioneer Spit, glad to hear you revel in the pleasures of the flesh. :)

    unbeliever, omg good for your brother. I hate that my best friend who left always says he feels like in the end he might turn out just like his dad. His father left to party and then came crawling back when he started family. I'm trying to teach him that it is all a lie, that there is nothing to go back to. But he left because he felt too weak to obey their dictates of conduct, whereas I know I have proven their doctrines false to me.

    Kaput, shoulda, woulda coulda, at least you're out now and that's what counts. I wasted my entire youth on Jehovah but that just means I have to live twice as hard now and as quoted in the Dead Poet's Society "to live deep and suck the marrow out of life"

    Antipode, indeed that is being alive. It took me a long time to not think of the things JWs would object to when my boyfriend would show me movies he felt I missed out on. Now I have to actually force myself to think what they would find objectionable instead of feeling it instinctively, life is good. I like not having to create my work/class schedule around meetings. I've always been organized, but no longer to accomplish the ministry.

    reneeisorynm, life is worth living though I live it for different reasons than you I suspect. I am glad you have found your peace and your place in the world.

    blondie *throws up the horns and gives you the black metal salute* (hey that's a great honor coming from Mysterious whatever your musical predilections *giggles*)

    KW13, you rebel you. *grin* If you knew me in real life you'd laugh, I of all people have no right to talk.

    luna2, exactly. It was very unnatural to pretend to want to go to meetings, read all those mags and knock on doors on a saturday morning. Leaving the JWs allowed us to reveal our genuine character.

    Dansk, The JWs talk about dying to your former course of life to be sure, but the "ressurection" to the christ like personality they offer is feeble and a poor match for true life.

  • Kaput
    "to live deep and suck the marrow out of life"

    Careful Mysterious --

    There could be red blood cells in that marrow!

  • Mysterious

    Mmm kaput the irony taste is tangy on my tongue. *grin*

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