What were your absolute favorite Bands growing up?

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  • Twitch

    Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin

  • K-Dub

    Depeche Mode

  • garybuss

    I was raised on hard country music and that's still my favorite. In the 50's my favorite band was the Drifting Cowboys, and later in the 50's it was Luther Perkins, Marshall Grant, and W.S. Holland. I loved slide bar guitar and my favorites were Pete Kirby, Roy Wiggins, Don Helms, Buddy Emmons, Bud Isaacs, and Johnny Sibert.
    The good solid one note electric lead I liked was Tommy Tomlinson, Leon Rhodes, and later, Don Rich.
    My favorite banjo player of all time is Buck Trent. My favorite flat top pickers were Cowboy Copas and of course, Hank Snow.
    My favorite ballad singer was Little Jimmy Dickens.

  • earthtone

    Do they have to be bands?

    TLC, New Edition, Hi five,

  • smellsgood

    before 10 I really liked Mr. puffypants himself, Master of Ceremonies Hammer... and Mariah Carey :) I know singers not bands..
    between ages of say 13-16 my FAVOURITE was The Beatles, I also liked
    Pearl Jam
    The Cranberries
    I got into Radiohead around 15. They are still my favourite band.

  • daniel-p
    What were your absolute favorite Bands growing up?


  • blondie

    Beatles, Beach Boys, Dave Clark Five, Loving Spoonful, Monkees, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Herman's Hermits, Supremes, Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel, Doors, Mamas and the Papas, The Who

  • Ironhead

    Parliament / Funkadelic. Earth, Wind & Fire. The Commodores. The J.B.'s. Ohio Players. Bootsy's Rubber Band.The English Beat.The Specials. Madness. The Police. I listen to all kinds of music, but I listened to these bands more.

  • katiekitten

    When I was a kid we had a reel to reel tape player and the only tapes we had were ELO, Queen, John Denver and Leo Sayer, so naturally I played them over and over again and have an odd set of favourites now.

    When I was a teen and could choose my own music I loved ELO, early Queen, early Genesis, Jimi, Janis, Marillion, Jethro Tull and Led Zep. I spent years wrestling with my conscience about owning the 'most demonic band', but eventually couldnt give up Houses of the Holy. Them were chillen crawling up them rocks not angels!

  • Sailor Ripley
    Sailor Ripley

    Teenager, early '80s: Van Halen, Judas Priest, Dio, Metallica;

    Late '80s: Ratt and Roll, Baby!; Motley Crue.

    '90s: Black Flag, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, NeerVanna, I loved and still do all the "grunge."

    Now: Hard (Speed, Death, etc...) Metal. I actually go to see some Metal shows when they come to town. Mosh pits are still great!

    Over that entire time, if there's beer, bait or ammo involved its got to be Pre-'85 Country or Western or both: David Allan Coe, Lefty Frizzell, Gary Stewart, George Strait or Jones, Alabama, Hank both, Vern Gosdin, Buck Owens, John Anderson, et cetera.

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