Letter Writing Campaign. . .who's in?!?

by Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    JimWood and someone else suggested a letter writing campaign, bombarding the WTS with letters old and new on any topic, complaint, issue and problem. Participation, Dates and Suggestions would be appreciated!

  • Moomin

    Great - Count me in!

  • JimWood

    I’m in. Put me down for no fewer that 5 separate mailings.

    You can send in old letters you sent in before, new stuff you can come up with, anything.

    Remember they don’t need to make sense (GB don’t) just need to have the appearance so that time is wasted at Crookland.

    How about Oct 31 st , 2006 they all hit NYC.

  • JimWood

    You don't need to use your real name. Like when I fill out the contact form on the Borg site. Mel Stroker and use the address of the local Adult Book store. I wonder if they ever went in.....

  • aniron

    If you were sending a letter to JW's you used to know.

    I still have the address of all the Elders and many other JW's in the area.

    Often thought of sending them letters with some information about the WT.

    What would you include?

    Without getting over complicated.

    Something that may make them think.

  • katiekitten
    Something that may make them think.

    Thats a bit ambitious isnt it? 40 000 volts wouldnt make them think!

  • Seeker4

    I'm in. Would be willing to send a few different letters as well. Any thoughts about whether we should make these as legit as possible - real questions, real addresses? You know how the Society handles most of these - by writing the local body of elders and asking them to call on the person.

    Hey, think about that.

    If they all come in on the same day, might it be a bit too obvious? What if, over the course of a couple of months, we sent in thousands of letters from legitimate people and addresses? So we've got elders all over the country trying to call on local business owners, cops, ministers, school teachers and so on to answer serious questions they have about the WTS and the UN, WTS doctrine inconsistencies, etc, etc, even though these people didn't actually write the letters.

    Here are thousands of elders tied up calling on people with no real interest in the WTS, but the elders forced to deal with these questions, and the public in general getting the message that there are some problems among the JWs.

    Would it do any good beyond the harassment angle? What are the legal issues involved? Would it backfire and just make us look like idiots - especially to the poor people who's names and addresses were used? I always like to think, what if the press got hold of this? How would we look on 60 Minutes? Would it seem like a stupid prank, or a genuine protest?

    What are your thoughts on this?


  • truthsetsonefree

    I'm in. Though I think it might also be good to flood them with emails on a designated day as well. Maybe the same one. Any thoughts on that?

  • xjwms

    All return addresses should be:

    current elders. lets get-em in hot water.

  • JimWood

    I would have delusions that if they all hit Bethel (actually the service desk is in Patterson now) it would mess them up for a while, having to dig through the pile to find the real ones. Using real street names with bogus numbers and real sounding names could certainty frustrate the local elders when it turns in to a wild goose chase. On top of that include real issues that 'a witness told me at the door' Definitely should stay away from bugging the innocent people, JW's bang their doors enough on Sat mornings. So either our real names on some (I would welcome the visit, you know keepin the spiritual talons sharp) and then mix in a bunch of bogus names. Nice to muck up their works for a while.

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