Does anyone know if this article is true or not?

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    Click here: U-turn on blood policy
    U-turn on blood policy

    Jehovah's Witnesses are now allowed to accept blood transfusions without facing excommunication from their faith.

    Following a secret meeting of the following's 12 member global governing body at their New York headquarters, a change in practice was decreed and blood transfusion was officially downgraded to a "non-disfellowshipping event." Jehovah's Witnesses may now consent to and accept blood transfusions in life or death situations without facing expulsion from the movement. This is the biggest stepdown in policy made at the Watchtower (the collective name of the movement's headquarters) since their predicted Armageddon failed to occur in 1975. It is, however, being dismissed as a "slight adjustment" to the rules by senior representatives of the organisation.

    Jehovah's Witnesses may now accept blood transfusions in emergencies (JANE HWANG/AP PHOTO)

    Until now, anyone who accepted blood or consented to transfusion for their child, even under life or death conditions, faced excommunication from the religion. In what is seen as a dramatic turnaround, elders announced the decision in the wake of some high profile cases where patients have died or come close to death as a result of their faith. One such case was that of Brent Bond from Nottingham in June this year. Mr Bond was the victim of a machete attack and lost 2.8 litres of blood from his wounds. He renounced his faith as a Jehovah's Witness seconds before passing out so that he could have a lifesaving blood transfusion. Beverley Matthews, a 33 year old mother from Stockport, died following her refusal of an emergency blood transfusion.

    Paul Gillies, speaking for the British Jehovah's Witnesses headquarters in Mill Hill, north London, said, "It is quite possible that someone who was under pressure on an operating table would take a blood transfusion because they did not want to die. The next day they might say they regretted this decision. We would then give them spiritual comfort and help. No action would be taken against them. We would just view it as a moment of weakness." He stated that the principle of not taking blood was still a "core value" of the religion.

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  • DannyHaszard

    I have never seen or heard of this page,it looks somewhat 'tabloid' BUT it would be just like the sleazy mealy-mouth Watchtower do get first cover this way.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Well, it is on a respected website (Student British Medical Journal) so there's no reason to think it's a fake.

    I think that final paragraph speaks volumes in between the lines. Possibly the person who wrote the article doesn't understand enough about the org to recognise the doublespeak going on and saw it as a u-turn in policy.

  • Dansk

    I don't know if it's true or not as I haven't been interested in ANYTHING that dung heap has to say. But if it is true there's going to be some mightily angry parents out there who let their children die, not to mention living spouses who also saw their loved ones die unnecessarily!


  • skeptic2

    If you click on the link 'Rapid Responses' in the menu on the left under the article link, you get this response from the editor:

  • Dansk
    The policy was changed to allow individuals who have broken the "abstention from blood" rule to remain in the community, and not as permission to accept blood when they feel like it. And this is an important distinction.

    Rubbish! If the policy has, indeed, changed it is because they are losing members in droves and this is just a sick move on keeping the "transgressors" in.


  • purplesofa

    I think what is important here is

    the unspoken mention that they are not to judge peoples decisions. One can give advice, suggest, council, lord over, but leaving it up to an individual and their conscience, belief, God, is all anyone should ever do. If there is complete faith in the beliefs....then this should leave the society at peace within themselves instead of trying to be judges ........and not what they proclaim to be......ultimate spiritual leaders.


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    Hi, this is first time to be here. I found PDF Option upper right of the pane, You can choose "View PDF of this file", so I got it with PDF file. When you open it, at the footer of each page, you can read "August 2000". I am just wondering if active-JWs know this policy since then?? Thanks, windchime

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    Look forward to future posts of yours!


  • Keyboard22

    Thanks Guys for your impute I thought it was to good to be true, but what a lot off lives could be safe if it was.

    Take care

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