Funny story about dumb JW rules

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  • cookiemaster
    So, here it is. Some years ago (the year when I got baptized), I was at a district convention (or whatever they call them these days) with my best friend. He had a part in one of those acting parts at the convention (I have no idea the term JW's use for them in English). Anyway, we were both seeing through the bullshit of the borg but weren't aware at the time of this forum or other "apostate" groups, nor of the full extent of the perversity of this religion. But we didn't care much for the idiotic rules. So, he shows up the day he had the acting bit with a beard. You should have seen the face of the overseer and the elders in our congregation. They were MAD! They almost forcibly took him to the bathroom, gave him a razor and made him shave. They rushed him so much he had cuts all over his face. I found the whole thing hilarious.

    In the same day, I was going to be baptized. I did it due to the emotional manipulation from my family, to please my friends and the get everyone to lay off my back. I don't regret it because just a month later I moved far away from any congo and basically live like a normal person now. Anyway, I had to get baptized. They only said to dress decently. So I did. I got a white T-shit and some shorts. The only problem was the shirt had something like 4 medium size black letter on them. It wasn't fuck, or anything obscene, just a company logo or something. When the elders responsible for the baptism area saw it, they said it's a big problem. At first they wanted to make me borrow a shirt from a different brother but then changed their mind and had me wear it with the inside on the outside. LOL, it was ridiculous. I looked ridiculous and found it extremely funny. These are truly, silly, silly people.
  • _Morpheus

    Let me point out something even more silly in the story....

    90% of the dramas (the acting thing your friend was in) have the characters BEARDED because its historically acurate... So they made him shave to put on a fake beard..... Hmmmmmm.....

  • cookiemaster
    Morpheus - Actually, no. It was the other kind of drama, without beards. A modern drama. But he wasn't even supposed to be a JW in it, so I don't see what's the issue.
  • _Morpheus
    Thats why i said 90%, but whichever he was in the fact that they admit all faithful men of old had beards is telling and shows there is no grounds to forbid them today
  • rebel8

    the shirt had something like 4 medium size black letter on them.

    Oh, you didn't know that wasn't allowed?

    Questions from Readers 2/30/1943: "Is it appropriate for a Christian to own medium-sized things in light of their Satanic connotations?"

    Many conscientious ones among Jehovah's people today have wondered if Christians should own medium-sized things in view of their connotations. What may be acceptable to one person may,although unintentionally, stumble another. This can become a life-or-death issue since to stumble a brother that Christ died for is tantamount to"putting a millstone around the neck and being thrown into the sea."Clearly our eternal salvation is involved.

    First let us consider what most scholars agree is the original Greek for the word "medium",mediocrus, meaning literally "lukewarm or weak in faith, fence-sitting, possessed by demons and worthy of death; a hater of Jehovah and kittens." A faithful servant of Jehovah would quickly notice that the nature of a medium-sized thing is worldly. The bible makes clear reference to this condition when describing parts of Satan's organizations past and present. Is it by accident that the Bible describes servants whose hearts are โ€œlukewarmโ€ being fated to have Jehovah spit them out of His mouth? Hardly!

    There are numerous reasons why a loyal dedicated servant of God should use his Bible-trained conscience to arrive at a proper understanding of why medium-sized things are not for Christians.

    The scriptures clearly indicate that neither Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, faithful Job, the Apostles or Jesus himself owned a medium-sized thing. They are described as men of large faith. Should we simply assume that this is a mere coincidence? Surely not! This was most likely because they didn't want to be like the Pagan contemporaries of their day who showed no regard for how God feels about owning a medium-sized thing. In harmony with the pattern set by the faithful prophets and peoples of old, surely it would not be fitting for a Christian today to own a medium-sized thing.

    As loyal followers of Jehovah's thinking on this matter, we can rejoice in the fact that in the new system, only the whole-hearted worshipers will still be alive. Together, we will do the righteous work of digging and filling mass graves with those who saw no problem with wearing medium-sized t-shirts.

  • Giordano

    Together, we will do the righteous work of digging and filling mass graves with those who saw no problem with wearing medium-sized t-shirts.

    HazMat suits will be provided compliments of the WTBTS:

  • MissFit
    ๐Ÿ˜…Rebel. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜„ Good job. You should submit it.๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I remember being at school and, during my lunch break, walking in to a room where a sister was conducting a study. When she saw me enter she said that she needed to cover her head. Having nothing to cover her head with she took her sweater and pulled it up over head.

    I thought that was cute.

  • cookiemaster

    Morpheus, you are right of course. It's truly ridiculous!

    Rebel, I didn't know. I thought it wasn't a big deal. Obviously, I was wrong. And LOL what? That article is hilarious! Is it for real? I know they're morons about everything, but how could they possibly write such an idiotic thing?

    Village Idiot, that must have been awkward, both for you and the person she was studying with who must have thought afterwards that JWs are weirdos.

  • brandnew

    Being df'd...... a sister and her kids needed a ride home, nobody offered. As they "all 4 of them" were about to start walking, i pulled up, and said " i will drive you home". An elder saw this , ran up to my car and said it wasnt gonna happen. I handed the elder my keys to give to her, and i walked home.....

    Thats just me......stupid rules ! ! !

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