Survivor: Cook Island....A New Twist

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  • Dansk

    Black Sheep:

    I survived several years there with a Watchtower zealot father and Watchtower worms in my head.

    These turkeys have got it easy.

    Yep, you're a REAL survivor!


  • moshe

    I have never, ever watched the the totally contrived Survivor series- but this format might just get me to program a season pass for this show on my Tivo.

  • earthtone

    Thanks okie!

  • Skoshi

    The producer of this program is asking for extremely negative publicity and an ugly backlash. This is not a smooth move.


  • Sweetp0985

    funny you should say that skoshi...i intended to post this earlier but got side tracked.....

    NYC officials want new 'Survivor' pulled

    By SARA KUGLER, Associated Press Writer Thu Aug 24, 9:54 PM ET

    As CBS prepares to launch a new season of the hit reality show "Survivor," this time featuring teams divided by race, enraged city officials are saying it promotes divisiveness and are calling for the network to reconsider.

    "The idea of having a battle of the races is preposterous," City Councilman John Liu said Thursday. "How could anybody be so desperate for ratings?"

    For the first portion of the 13th season of "Survivor," which premieres Sept. 14, the contestants competing for the $1 million prize while stranded on the Cook Islands in the South Pacific will be divided into four teams — blacks, Asians, Latinos and whites.

    Liu, who is Asian-American, said he was launching a campaign urging CBS to pull the show because it could encourage racial division and promote negative typecasts. He and a coalition of officials, including the council's black, Latino and Asian caucus, planned to rally at City Hall on Friday.

    In a statement, CBS Entertainment, which is part of New York-based CBS Corp., defended the ethnic twist, saying it follows the show's tradition of introducing new creative elements and casting structures that reflect cultural and social issues.

    "CBS fully recognizes the controversial nature of this format but has full confidence in the producers and their ability to produce the program in a responsible manner," the statement said. "'Survivor' is a program that is no stranger to controversy and has always answered its critics on the screen."

    Last season, the show divided contestants into groups of older men, younger men, older women and younger women.

    The show's host, Jeff Probst, said the network was aware this season's race ploy might offend viewers.

    "It's very risky because you're bringing up a topic that is a hot button," he told asap, The Associated Press service for younger readers. "There's a history of segregation you can't ignore. It is part of our history.

    "For that, it's much safer to say, 'No, let's just stick with things the way they are. Let's don't be the network to rock the boat. Let's not have "Survivor" try something new,'" he said. "But the biases from home can't affect you. This is an equal opportunity game."

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    I find all of this stuff totaly removed from reality.

    You would have to have a death wish to die of starvation, or just about anything else, on the islet they have chosen for the series.

    If anything really exciting happens, like a hurricane, the'll ship the cast out instead of tying them to trees/whatever.

    If they want reality TV they should put them on Suwarrow with no support for a year.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep


    A couple of islets not far from the set

  • Sweetp0985

    thats a beautiful pic blacksheep..oh to see a place like that in person

  • HadEnuf

    I think a much better idea would be 4 groups: One group elders, One group MS's, One group publishers, One group Apostates. Oh yeah. Then there wouldn't be any interaction with the apostates. That blows that idea.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    I think a better idea would have been to have four different religious groups - Jews, Christians, Moslems and "others".

    It would be so "timely".

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