The irritating slant to almost everything negative I have seen on Witnesses

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  • ackack

    This line of reasoning irritates me. Perhaps the answer to "Where else would go?" should be something akin to, "Whats the alternative to putting your hand on the stove?". Oh, I dunno, maybe its NOT putting your hand on the stove?

  • Finally-Free

    I've read plenty of anti JW material that was written by people who never were JWs, and most of it is pure junk. Much of it is terribly outdated and inaccurate, and most JWs would probably get a good laugh out of it. I saw a video from one religion that showed a householder turning a hose on a JW couple who was preaching. It was amusing, but does nothing to refute JW beliefs or policies.


  • itsallgoodnow

    I think it's easy to come across that type of information, and if I see that, it tends to make me less interested in anything they have to say. It's pretty easy to see through what they are doing, and I can't imagine they have much success with that tactic, only because I would never fall for it.

  • Warlock

    If you are, or were a witness, whether baptized or not, as in the case of being born in a J.W. household, were, or are, married to a witness, as far as I'm concerned you can tell me as much of the negativity involved all you want, and while I may not agree with some things you say, we both have had the experience, and I'm not going to condemn you.

    If you have been none of the above, your negative words are like chaff to me.


  • trevor

    A lot of people who leave the Jehovah’s Witnesses set up, just exchange one goldfish bowl for another.

    Real escape involves leaping from the bowl and learning to live on the outside.

  • JapanBoy

    I agree that just the though of anything 'organised' in religion makes me sick too! I think John Lennon had it right in his song Imagine......."and no religion too..." I bought that album when it came out, when I was a faith had a profound effectg on me then and still does.


  • M*A*S*H

    Hey bigmouth... yeah I used to jump to correct people when they said something dumb about the borg too. I never really understood why, I assume some lasting sense of loyality to the collective. It seems time has cured me though! Now I very rarely correct peoples view about the borg, after you "don't" for a while it becomes almost liberating.
    Try even adding to the lies and exageration! It can be fun!
    They say "Yeah, Jehovah's don't believe Christmas", you say "I know, mind you they aren't even allowed to watch TV!".
    They say "Wow, Dubs aren't allowed blood transfusions", you say "Really? I think I heard they can't eat crisps/chips".
    Perhps... "Don't Jehovah's have to knock on doors and stuff?", you say "Yep! If they don't shift 10 mags they're not allow sex for a week!"

  • bigmouth

    LOL @ sM*A*S*Hmouth from bigmouth!!!

    I find that the more I drink the more outrageous statements I can make. I've often had people believe things I've said when I thought they knew I was pulling their legs. I've particularly got to watch it on here too.

  • Carmel

    I can remember when I had just left the Borg as a teenager going to various "Christian" churches trying to sort out what I wanted to "be". When ever I mentioned I was brought up a Jdub I'd always get a response that would include significant distortions of their doctrins and beliefs. As a teenager, I was often scoffed at when I would try to correct their misconceptions. Afterall, they heard it from the pastor!!

    I think it is true that many members of many religious sects are insecure in their beliefs and are constantly wanting to be re-assured by seeing new recruits "come into the fold". It's claimed to be for "saving souls" but I doubt any proseltyzing would go on if it wasn't connected to either financial stability of the congregation or an ill-thought-out need to be part of a "winning strategy".

    That being said, my personal take on my own faith is that growth is linked to reaching a "critical mass" that will have an effect on society at large. So living by a standard is not just for personal salvation but directly linked to the betterment of all society at all levels.


  • Quandry

    Yes, but I think it may have somthing to do with being irritated at people in general who give opinions about things they know nothing about. When my husband and I were newly married, in our twenties, he worked with a guy who always acted as though he was an authority on anything. We would think up topics to discuss to see if he would give his opinions and views on the subject. Once we started talking about brain surgery. Of course, he started right in........

    Years ago, around 1973, I was in a used everything store. There was an old book that gave the beliefs of religions. It stated that Jehovah's Witnesses practiced female circumcision. I am not kidding. I was just studying at the time.

    Well, we all know that some of the past doctrines and suggestions from the WT have been weird, but this was clearly absured.

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