Im IMPOTENT a new way to beat the system

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  • looking_glass

    I was dragged back into numerous JC meetings because I was in the car alone w/ a guy. Keep in mind it was while the two of us were pioneering and I was not going to go out by myself and he was essentially my pioneer partner. We ended up having to drive separate cars, so no one would get the wrong idea. Again, as was said before, if the case was reversed, a married woman moved in with a man who was not her husband, you better believe they would be all over that. My favorite comment "what walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, is ALWAYS a duck" In other words, because it LOOKED wrong, it was wrong (regardless of what was really going on)

  • Gregor

    sspo said it all. I can't believe they would accept this lame-o excuse.

    If I may add, thirty years ago I was on a committee that DF'd a sister because a man was seen leaving her house early in the morning on several occasions. When she met with us she said he had been staying overnight but that nothing happened. We pointed to a WT that discussed the "appearance of evil" principle based on an OT scripture referring to a man seen leaving the house of a harlot. This was just the iceing on the cake of a very suspicious situation .

  • sspo

    The brother that studied with me hired a private investigator to follw his "worldly wife" around to see if she was doing anything on the side and she got caught staying all night with someone of the opposite sex all night long. Did not catch her having sex but that was enough to free him.

    Meat heads of elders are different in every congr. and do what they want to do.

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