The dubs may not be dishonest but is the WTS?

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  • ozziepost

    The recently distributed tract "You are cordially invited to attend the 'Deliverance at Hand!' DC of JWs" invited people to mail in a coupon requesting the publication "What Does the Bible Really Teach?" (as if they'd know!).

    The coupon had two check boxes:

    • Without obligation, I request a copy of the book What Does the Bible really Teach?
    • Please contact me concerning a free home Bible Study.

    Given that the coupons would be mailed to local congregations with a covering letter from the Branch requesting that the householder be visited with the book and the offer of a home bible study, was there really any difference between the two question? Of course, the poor sucker (householder) wouldn't know that, but the local dubs would.

    So were they being dishonest? Surely not!

    Yet how many other times do we remember their corporate dishonesty?

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I guess they'd send a local dub around to deliver the indoctrination manual bible study aid, then offer to help the unsuspecting victim understand it. It is a bit misleading, as most people son't realise what they might be letting themselves in for. The real lie is calling it a bible study anyway. As we know, the study consists of paragraph after paragraph of jw doctrine, with the odd scripture thrown in, usually out of context anyway.

  • Dansk

    Hi Oz (((((((((manly hugs))))))))),

    I request a copy of the book What Does the Bible really Teach?

    I really do wish someone would bring a lawsuit against Watchtower over things like this because who are they to suggest they know better than any other Christian denomination?

    IN answer to your question, having been a JW, I considered myself to be always honest - as I do now! - and so I have no reason to believe most present Dubs aren't - but ABSOLUTELY, Watchtower is TOTALLY dishonest. And what's more they KNOW IT!!


  • james_woods

    You know what occurred to me when I read the title? There are numerous kinds of dishonesty (i.e., monetary, dishonesty of stated intent, dishonesty of hiding dangerous practice, etc...):

    Enron - complete dishonesty in bookkeeping, fraud upon shareholders...

    Tobacco Cos - probably honest enough books, good stock performance, but total dishonesty about product dangers and liabilities...

    Watchtower - won't show their real books, unfair & deceptive practice to employees, complete product content dishonesty...

    How is one any worse than another?

    James (PS, some of those dub-pubs can be pretty dishonest themselves, too)

  • done4good

    A sublte, but powerful "top down" mentality exists in the WTS as it pretains to honesty. Dubs are at least subconsciously aware they are not being delt with in a intellecually honest manner, (ie can't read older publications, not allowed to consider opposing information, can't know how the GB actually makes decisons, etc). Things are carefully disguised with such terms as "appropriate", "arrangement", "order", etc. Rarely, are ideas expressed in a direct manner, especially when dealing with issues of control. What is indirectly taught, is that it is just fine to be "dishonest", so as long as it benefits the organization or your "spirituality" somehow.

    Actions speak, (and teach), louder than words. Dubs have excuses for just about everything, from defending the beliefs of the org, to why they won't work for a living. Many are downright delusional. I had very close personal experience with one of this kind, (my ex). This type of behavior is the upshot of "top down" dishonesty, and it is RAMPANT in the WT.


  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Rank and file dubs are taught thet they are loving moral honest people so they believe that they are.

    The truth is that dishonesty and deception was part of the deal from the beginning.

    Are new converts told all the rules/facts from the beginning? How many times have new JWs, or "studies" happened in here and were shocked at the reality of life as a JW or xJW.

    Are they told that they will never move up the invisble ladder without at least 8 hours door to door service a month? Or that they will be required to give up all their friends and shun their own children?

    no..not at the beginning

    The lies and dishonesty become normal and acceptable like the frog in the pot, but it is still dishonest.

    I guess there is a line that gets crossed at some point when a "study" becomes a believer in the WT, that the deception begins to make perfect sense.

    Deception for Jehovah. riiiight...

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Good example of the sort of dishonesty they practice. In the US at least, I don't even think there is a program for getting these requested books out to those who ask for them by mail. They are virtually all sent as you state, in person with a dub attached to the plan.

    On the other hand - just to get a little preview of what they believe - I requested a 70 page booklet from the United Church of God. They sent it by mail - no request for a donation, no pressure of any kind. Of course I have no intention of joining this group, but was just curious. Many requesting the WTS lit are in the same boat and find themselves staring at a couple of pioneers wanting to pad the hour report.



    Hey Auz..WBTS are being misleading,thats dishonest..JW`s will go along with the dishonesty knowingly,"Theocratic WareFare Stratagey"..Does being dishonest,because you`ve been told it`s alright,get you off the hook for being dishonest??..At some point the average JW must take responsibility for thier dishonest actions..We know thats never gonna happen,so the dishonesty continues...OUTLAW

  • LongHairGal


    Your post explains it best. I early on saw the skewed definition of honesty but it was presented in a conversation about persecution where it was said that you didn't owe an honest answer to somebody who was going to do harm to the "brothers".

    They tried to back it up with some bible accounts like Rahab who hid the men on the roof, etc. So that didn't seem so bad to me. But in time I came to see how they apply this trickiness anywhere they saw fit as you mentioned in how dubs have excuses for almost anything they do. They think, in their heart of hearts, that their ministry is a whitewash for any bad. It also explains the unaccountability that is present throughout the whole organization.

    The biggest deception, I think, is how they have too many people believing they are somehow "inspired" in some way and are too high to be criticized.


  • katiekitten

    Its so sad. I remember trying to be an honest dub, and I felt like a lot of what we did on field service was dishonest - like placing Awake magazines on animals and stuff with a Watchtower hidden underneath it full of religious doctrine. Or doing back calls on people who clearly werent interested but who had been polite and not said a definite NO.

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