PRAYING.... Is it the answer to eating disorders?

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  • sosad

    Eating disorders are VERY SERIOUS - if you are suffering from any version of this insidious disease GET HELP. I was bulimic for years - starting at a very young survived and grew past being DFed, sexually groomed by a predator (not in that order), reinstated and the ongoing humiliation that entailed- it blossomed as I pioneered and did my damndest to be "the good little witness"...

    oh yes- and prayer really is only a powerful force if you feel worthy of Your God's Help. Anyone with an eating disorder does not.

    i finally spoke to one elder - a good friend- who gave me an article about psycho-symatic illness and told me to - yup - pray and go in service more. He ment well.

    After a few years, I approached another elder who advised me in I must say a very sincere way - he had no idea what I was talking about but he took the time to do research and learn about it and then - and I really acknowledge this man and another woman in the cong that i considered a friend - they advised me to get professional help - but with the cavaete of "being careful". I was so far into the disease at this point that getting help was the last thing i wanted to do - the lady actually "forced me" to seek treatment - and saved my life. I was told that i was no longer eligible for service - which was a great relief to me. In therapy, i finally acknowledged that being a jw was more based on "my culture" vs my belief system and that was the beginning of my "active fading"... and my recovery

    If you are a jw reading this - get help!!!! I find it shameful that i am now prbably used as an example of someone who got prof help and left "theT". I am treated as a da/dfed individual now - most esp by all who knew of my illness.

    My family still has contact with me but (the jw contingnet) looks at the entire situation through Society Coloured Glasses.

    I am pleased to have a heads up about this article as my parents are sure to bring it up as an example of "J's loving, helpful organization".

    I stress - the people that helped me were jw's. but they didn't help me becasue of that- they helped me because they are good people. Now, they shun me becasue they are jw's.... My parents would rather see me still sick and a jw- how sad

  • parakeet

    Soglad you posted; it could not have been easy. Your experiences with JWs should alert any lurker with half a brain to question the WTS's audacity in dictating when medical care is appropriate for its followers. I hope your recovery and life continue to improve.

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes also if you are a teenager and feeling ridiculously horny and your d### is literally throbbing and you need to mast^^^^^^e , praying solves that also (allegedly)

  • moomanchu

    VM said :

    At least they didn't have the nerve to say "Wait on Jehovah"!!

    I was thinking it's a wonder they don't disfellowship someone with a eating disorder.

    After all they disfellowship people for smoking because it ruins the body and smoking

    isn't even directly mentioned in the bible.

    Gluttony however is specifically mentioned as sin in the bible.

    Eating disorders can have as severe health consequences as smoking.

  • sosad

    man - i haven't thought about all this in so long - it's funny the stuff you forget - but the elders did consider whether or not to convene a jcommittee - and whether this was a dfing offense (seriously- at this point i was going bald, puking six times a day - on cardboard if i had too and had maxed out every creditcd and line of credit i had)...when i stopped auxillary was pulled from a bible study for my 'bad example" it was generally acknowledged that i was not relying on J enough- I couldn't go in service but the pioneers would still take my $$$$$$$.

    when i left - (after bouncing to another cong and back) not one of my "friends" came to see me- no one called (even those that helped) to see how i was doing - in fact a couple i had never even met stopped by to admonish us and offer encouragment (the transcript of the visit would be hilarious) - and perhaps one elder called on the phone but that could be wishful remembering.

    My girlfriend, roommate, pioneer partner, made arrangments to stop by and pick up a piece of furniture she wanted back - without even asking how my recovery was...

    I reiterate - GET HELP - feel free to e-mail me for specific advise of what may or may not help - generally people - even non jws have a hard time grasping the nature of this disease and it's hold on you - the last thing you need anyone telling you is that you are not relying on Your God with your whole heart , mind etc

    This could be considered a DFing offense by those without any fellowfeeling or understanding - i.e. - are you reaching out to the Org/ j for help. The important thing is GET HELP.....

  • thaisun

    Sosad Your story was heartbreaking and so revealing of the things that have gone on in this awful organisation. Your advise is so good so true.

    Their treatment of you reminds me of when I had a back operation which had gone wrong. I was bedridden and an elder came round and told me I should get out of bed and do bricklaying!! We had a three year old son which my husband had to take care of. He was not able to lead the group one Sunday. Ultimately his Min Servants position was taken away from him for failing his duties!

  • Gill

    (((((( sosad )))))) I am so sorry for your experience at JW hands. Their mindcore is so stupid that this kind of reaction to your illness is only natural for them towards anyone with a mental health. Now that you've left the JWs are you better and how did your therapy go? ((((((thaisun)))))) Perhaps the Elder that told you to take up bricklaying thought he was Jesus and was perfoming a miracle. These people are total idiots. I hope you are better now! DB1974! - Thanks for the compliment! This reaction of the WTBTS towards mental health services is totally ludicrous! What I find fascinating is the amount of people who end up leaving the WTBTS after seeking help. If they find a good therapist, that person will dig into their problem to help them. Not long afterwards, if the person actually begins thinking for themselves, freedom from the WTBTS soon follows. After that, it's not just mental health problems that begin to improve but physical health problems. My problem was anxiety disorder. Advice from Elders and idiot elderettes was 'You're not praying enough!!' Reaction from counsellor and psychiatrist.....You're in a cult! Result after leaving WTBTS? I don't have the physical health problems I had as a JW and anxiety rapidly reduced and only comes back a little when I have other big things to sort! In the end.......a lot of JWs could do with considering why they feel so bad and looking at the mind control they endure every day. Will they? NOT if the WTBTS can help it!

  • sosad

    yes - i am better. My initial therapist 9the one they connected me with lived three hours away and was very good but got me into someone closer to home - he was already treating a jw so that was why they took me there. the lady i eventually saw was incredible - and allowed me to see for myself what the problem stemmed from ( a lot of eating disorders stem from control issues - go figure)

    I have found a lot of success with alternative therapies- one is particular- that totally wiped the compulsion in some ways- and my husband is also very supportive - although relying on anyone to solve the issue is never going to stick.

    Honestly - i knew in my soul that going for help would "bring shame" on the organization - it became a reason not to get help... and it was my one outlet- my one vice - often jws who exhibit ed tendancies would have developed problems with alcohol/drugs/sex- much more socially acceptable compulsions.

    I must admit that i had some crappy prof help as well - and the cost of treatment can be prohibitive in some areas. There are non profit groups, general mental health clinics- family doctors for a great starts. I found that "Body Talk" therapy was the final nail in the coffin of my disease.

    I am aware of many jw that were so content to "wait on the organization- ahem- I mean J" that they never persued help for mental health issues- and jws particularily elders- are not trained to see what they need too.

  • Gill

    SOSAD! I'm glad that it has all gone well for you. A good counsellor is worth their weight in gold and leaving a cult is priceless! I hope all goes well for you from now on. Sounds like you have a gem of a husband. Love Gill

  • Gill

    If overeating to the point of obesity is also an eating disorder, then how come this was not mentioned as a problem that could also be helped by praying. I have never known the WTBTS to tackle the problem of 'overeating' as condemned in the Bible. But as an eating disorder, which it is, they have not included it with their eating illnesses. I wonder why.

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