well, we are no longer JW's and look what i got from my father!!!

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  • isthisit

    I can’t believe that it has come to this, but your hand has been pushed and you had to act, for this I know that we raised you the right way. We love you both, and will be in Boston with you on your day. Tuesday it appears will be a big day for the hall. I am no longer the PO and am considering coming off as an elder. I am not doing this because you disassociated yourself, I am doing this because I did not agree with decisions that had been reached by the body concerning your situation, can you believe that only two of the body had no problems with you marrying?!?! two, i won't name names but i know you know who they are.
    Phone me today and we’ll sort ourselves out a bit together, perhaps dinner tonight. Your mum is upset , but please be assured that it is on your behalf, not because of you. She stands with me on this, we have already got our tickets.

    We sent our letters out, just to get it over with, we were sick of waiting. We told my parents personally last night, and went around our friends houses last night, putting letters through their doors. Finally we put our letters though the elders doors. Our friends (the ones that had the good grace to talk to us) have been mostly supportive, understanding why we are doing this, but most said that they can't have anything to do with us. Two have said that they still love us, and are we registered somewhere :-). So i suppose we are no longer JW's, it feels so strange to write that, we are no longer jehovah's witnesses.

  • LittleToe

    Welcome to the beginning of the rst of your life

    It may take a wee while to sink in, and you may be shellshocked for a little while, but it sounds like you have your parents at your back and a good life ahead

  • jgnat

    Wow, what a great letter from your dad! Signed, "Love, Dad." I can't imagine how many board members yearn to hear those words.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Hi isthisit, and welcome to freedom!

    You may lose some friends, but believe me, what you gain far outweighs any losses, and I am so pleased that your mum anf dad aren't going to be among the losses.


  • Dansk
    we are no longer jehovah's witnesses

    It's Party Time!

    Congratulations - and well done your mom and dad! I think everything is going to work out just fine for you!

    Happiness is being FREE!


  • Dismembered

    Greetings isthisit,

    Congrats are in order.Time again to "strike up the band" I know from experience, what you've done is in no way easy. I will tell you this though, the feelings you're getting from writing you are "no longer one of JW's" will pass. You'll be okay. Greetings from Vermont

    Cheers, it's a new day


  • looking_glass

    I had a GF who went thru something similar, her JW (now ex) husband was an arse and he left her (after cheating w/ a woman from work, which he denied to the elders during the "encouraging marriage counseling session", and leaving my GF in severe debt after returning home to live w/ his JW family members and work for cash w/ the same good example JWs, so as to look like he had no cash coming in so the creditors went after her because she looked like she had the dough and not him ... yes she worked a lot to pay off the debt, which again the elders counseled her about because she was missing meetings) In the end, she faded and found a "worldly guy" that she married. The elders threatened to DF her because she was not scripturally free to remarry but after her father found a loop hole in the elder book, she was "forgiven" and was not DF'd. She wanted to avoid being DF'd because of all the family members that are JWs.

    In the end you have to live your life as you see fit. Good on you for the strength of character that you have exhibited and good luck in all your future plans.


  • earthtone


    Welcome to the board!

  • earthtone

    Wow, I just read your topic history... It seems like you've been really going through some stuff. I loved your letter. It was simple and to the point. Refresh you post so that others you've been in contact with before can know your situation. The friends forum fills up very quickly with new forums.

    I'm so extremely happy for you. I think you made the right decision and that Jehovah approves. I don't think it okay to beats one mate and not still considered scripturally divorced. It sounds ridiculous. I had a friend here going through the same thing. She just faded away, after the brothers gave her scriptural counsel about a marital status, when she left him.

    Go and be happy!

  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

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