For the over 50 crowd: What advice...

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  • Reefton Jack
    Reefton Jack

    Expanding a little on the excellent post by Garybuss:

    "Get the best education possible" and "Learn your trade before age 30"

    They say that it is never to late to get an education. No doubt that is true - as far as it goes.

    I learned the hard way, though, that the time for learning things is when you are straight out of High School. It is often difficult to pick up the tread later on. So, as far as learning a trade or getting further education - rip into it as soon as you complete High School. There will never be a more suitable time for either.


  • parakeet

    Everyone's advice is good. I would only add to enjoy your life at every stage -- don't always be looking for fulfillment in the future (that's JW thinking). To borrow a line from an old sitcom: "Why do they call it the human race? Do they think they're going to win?"

  • Sunspot

    It's hard trying to follow an act like Gary's two posts! He gave excellent advice.

    I would like to add that I have learned not to be surrounded by what I call "toxic people" who's chief aim seems to be to find fault and be critical of everything you do...or are thinking of setting out to do.

    I'm not talking about constructive and meaningful criticism whaen asked for or given in the right spirit, but the constant negativity that does nothing but drag you down or leaves you drained after they've gone home! This includes relatives----kids and/or parents!

    I recently had an incident with someone who was doing his level best to make me feel guilty for not doing something for him, although it would have been extremely difficult for me and my hubby to do with the health problems and lack of funds that we are going through at present. I was quite surprised at the request.....and was justified in "just saying "no" when asked, but it caused a big rift in our relationship.

    Fortunately, when all in the rest of the family heard about it----they were incensed and angry that I was even asked to do this no one except this one person is pissed off at me, thank goodness! But my advice to stay clear of people who are always on the "gimmee---gimmee" end of the fence and are always whining about how everyone else owes THEM something---like the bible says....from these turn away, LOL! You KNOW who they are!

    I wished I'd learned this (and how to tune them out) and not to let their attitudes affect me....many many years ago.

  • LennyinBluemont

    At 55, what I wish I had done different in my younger years (baptized JW at 23) was community volunteer work. I just finished firefighter academy and am a member at the local volunteer firehouse. If that's not your thing, you could do EMT. We did two rescue calls last Saturday night. If you want to feel like you've really got purpose in your life, volunteer a part of it to people in genuine need of help, whether its an emergency or not. You'll never have a greater feeling than dragging a person out of a burning house, or cutting them out of a mashed up car. A real "life saving work".


  • Quandry

    Great advice from all. Lenny, I am impressed and proud that at 55 you would become a volunteer firefighter.

    My one piece of advice follows this theme. Join the world of mankind. Do for others. Even in the Borg I admired ones like Mother Theresa and her self sacrifice. I wanted to make a difference.

    At 54, I am back in College. Stinks that I have to work full time so the going is slow. But I am determined. I also work with children and am determined to make a difference and treat them with the view that they are important and can have success in life.

    Since I recently have found myself without friends, I am struggling to make new ones. I enjoy the company of some ladies at work of various religions. We've had some interesting discussions. I am able to listen without wondering how I could counter their beliefs with "the truth."

  • LovesDubs

    oh and be yourself

    everybody else is taken :)

  • startingover

    Buy real estate, and remember that what seems expensive today will seem dirt cheap in a few years.

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