How do I get my "lesbian" co-worker to stop discussing her lifestyle?

by booker-t 26 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • M*A*S*H

    I would out strip her...

    If she nudges you in the ribs, saying "hey she's a bit of alright", as a pretty girl walks past; next time a nice chappy walk by punch her in ribs, saying "Wow, I wouldn't a bit of him, wohoo! Get in on girlfriend".

    If she says "Hey I picked up a real hot chick last night."; you say "Really, I managed to get another boy friend last night... Phew two or three in one evening is a bit much but... but it keeps me fit".

    If she flirts with co-workers or clients... do the same... wait 'till some bloke walks past her desk, leap on to it, legs akimbo, liking your lips provocatively...etc... etc...

    I know this isn't the advice you where after, but hey... I enjoyed writing it.

    PS. Try saying, "Hi Girlfriend, I know it might seem a bit old fashioned... but sometimes I get a little uncomfortable when you tell me about blah blah".

  • katiekitten

    Go 'contruction site bloke' on her.

    Scratch your balls and say "what you need darlin' is a real man. Id soon roger the dyke out of you. Once youve had me sweetheart you'll never go back to carpet munching. Im hung like a donkey, you'll be begging me for it after ive finished with you".

  • Shining One
    Shining One

    What she is doing can be classified as sexual harrasment. You don't have to listen to any type of conversation about sexual matters.

  • LongHairGal

    You will have to pull her aside quietly and tell her directly (in a nice way) that you do not want to hear the details about her sex life. You can say some sort of thing like " are a nice person but......"

    Any heterosexual person would be reprimanded behind a closed door for this kind of conversation. This is HER problem. She is wrong.

    There is also a remote possibility that she takes some kind of perverse pleasure in making people feel uncomfortable - but this may not be the case with her. But you have to say something to her.


  • Bstndance

    Eewww. Unwanted sexual discussions at the office are totally illegal. How clueless is she? Besides, it's kind of tacky to air your dirty laundry at work.

  • thepackage

    Ask for pictures!!!!!

  • JimWood

    Its just sex I don't see why people get so excited about it (no pun intended) That said every time she says something 'sexual' say to her, "I heard a funny joke - What do you call a lesbian dinosaur? Lickalotapus" After a while she should get the point.

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