How do I get my "lesbian" co-worker to stop discussing her lifestyle?

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  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Just like parakeet said TMI works pretty good, other than that when she get pretty graphic just ask for a video, I think she might be just trying to be open with you about it, lesbians are very normal people but she just like anyone just might feel a bit too comfortable talking about her private life. If she was a guy I bet it wouldn't freak you out too much.

  • MsMcDucket
    "Terry, you and I have been friends for XX years now, and I have always supported you in your decisions and choice of lifestyle. But, I have to tell you that lately all you want to do is talk about sex. It offends me and is embarrasing, especially at work where that kind of conversation is inappropriate and unprofessional. You need to stop, and if you do not, you need to stop talking to me. I can't deal with it anymore and don't think that my co-workers should have to listen to you tell stories of your sexual escapades either."

    Take this message put in on a card and place it on her desk anonymously. You could also sign it off from TMI (too much info). And then when she tries to start talking about her sexual escapades, just say excuse me for a second and then walk away.

  • free2beme

    Try converting her to a religion, it always seems to shut me up from talking to people about just about anything when they try that with me.

  • dilaceratus

    As you identify yourself as a straight male, perhaps as a Lesbian she feels that going out with and having sex with women is something that you now share in common. Apparently you should inform her that she is incorrect in her assumption.

  • hambeak

    I totally agree with Jennie tell her that is inappropriate conversation and find a nasty chat room to vent her sexual escapades. Sounds like a ball busting bull dyke who needs to work as a bartender in a Lesbian Gay bar

  • shera

    I would be O.K!!! I have no problem with gay,lesbians,but enough info already! a work situation,there is boundries.

  • stillajwexelder

    In Missouri which is the Show Me state - we would say "I am from Missouri, Show Me"

  • Finally-Free
    If a man were to talk so openly about sexual matters there is a huge risk of a complaint of sexual harrassment being made against him. Women should have the same consequences.


  • james_woods

    Tell her you are going to Thailand for a sex change operation, so you and she can be closer.

  • lonelysheep

    It doesn't matter whether she's a lesbian or not. Conversation like that at work is inappropriate, and your colleagues have been nice by not saying anything to HR thus far. That's a serious no-no in most companies. She should really want to look out for her own job.

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