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  • Zico

    Hi Forscher - I'm not from America. I think because I don't use IE I can't update my profile. (I'm on a Mac)

    Anyway, some good news, I just spoke to my friend. He spoke to an elder tonight, apparently the elders have discussed it and have decided not to have a judicial committee, but they still want to speak to him, and would like to talk to him after the Sunday meeting.

    The elder didn't go into much detail, but his take on it was that his uncle had been pushing for a judicial committee. However, as my friend asked for the charges in writing, he guessed that they simply did not have enough to take it anywhere near as far as a judicial committee! It's still an issue, and he is still going to be spoken to, but it certainly could be worse.

    He did come out with an interesting quote though, and I decided not to correct it... He said 'nothing bad will happen to me, because Jehovah will not allow it.'

    Yeah, right...

  • freetosee

    Zico, I’m happy you are giving the opportunity to open your friends eyes, actually the elders are the ones doing the job. I hope this experience will make him question the authority structure.

    This brings back memories to me as well. I wonder who will be doing the talking to him and what he’ll be told. Well, the outcome will have an effect on his trust in the org. fts

  • Quandry

    If the Uncle said that his nephew is blowing everything out of proportion, I fail to see the need for a JC.

    What a crock.

    Maybe if your friend is df'd for nothing, this will "enlighten" him without your help.

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