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  • Outaservice

    I'm curious. Has anyone been taken out of their parents and/or relatives 'Will' because of leaving the JW's?


  • looking_glass

    my aunt has been written out of my grandfather's will. my aunt has a great attitude about it. she made her own way, she went to college later in life and is now a social worker. a thankless job that does not pay much. but she is very happy. she is living w/ her partner of many years and they have a great relationship. of course my family does not mention her and you would never guess that my grandfather had two kids. but her life is far happier then my mom's. so i am happy for her.

  • evita

    When my mom died she had virtually nothing except a modest mobile home. She had been sharing her home with a young JW who she considered her adopted "granddaughter". They were very close and when my mom died she left her mobile home and everything in it to this young woman. My sister, brother, and I were left with family photos and a few misc. items.
    My mom had taken care of this girl for many years and had supposedly rescued her from a dysfunctional family situation. My siblings and I had left the witnesses many years ago and had a difficult and painful relationship with our mom. I know my mom loved us but she loved "jehovah" more and was devoted to the organization. The sad thing is my brother has had a rough time of it financially and could have really benefited from having a permanent home.
    I miss my mom so much and still have a hard time accepting how the religion helped tear my family apart.

  • Scully

    I don't know if I've been disinherited or not. But I'm not living my life with any expectations of inheriting anything from my parents. I'm living as though there won't be anything for me to inherit, and looking after my future myself. I've already watched my parents practically piss away their inheritances from my non-JW grandparents - making donations to the WTS instead of putting my siblings and me through college. If we're lucky, there might be enough left to bury them when they die. They're still living as though they aren't going to die. I'm very angry that the WTS has cheated them out of their lucidity and intelligence.... and ultimately out of the life that they do have.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    My little brother is in the process of being taken out of my parents will. He is still a JW and has refused to ever speak to them again. Initially, I did not agree with it but when I found out that he has befriended my little sisters x husband who beat her and left her and yet is still a good witness, I was all for it. In our last conversation with him we told him that we still loved him but he said he didn't care and he doesn't even care if my parents die. The religion is right and they (my parents) are wrong.


  • bikerchic

    My Mother let me and my only other (out of the JW's) sibling know that she is leaving our older (JW) sibling in charge of her estate (named executor) and all moneys to go to our youngest sibling who is indeed the most in need and still a JW. I pretty much took it that we were written out and I'm sure I know why.

  • AlanF

    I was disinherited when my JW parents learned of my support of Silentlambs.


  • l3gi0n

    i dont know... its not something i ever worried about, or even care about.

  • DannyHaszard
  • Sweetp0985

    i was threatened with being taken off..during a time when my dad was desperately trying to get me back to the hall. I was told he didn't know who to leave his belongings to his step-granddaughter, his sister, or the other sister because he couldn't leave it to me or my brother cuz we wasn't living right which means wasn't going to the hall....I was like hell its your money do what you want with it...Of course that was said in my mind only but he never took me off the will...it was just a threat and no I didn't go to the hall at that time. I have been visiting lately tho.

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