I don't get it

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  • uwishufish

    What's to get? Jah has provided a great means of income for the uneducated. Cleaning worldly peoples s**t off of toilets.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Ahh Little Lolita,

    There is nothing wrong with Janitors and Window washer, problem is ego, see Janitors and Window washer well that is who they are, men are human, feel the need to be the king of the castle, feel important, so if they can't be the worlds best Janitor humm, they don't make enough money to own their own castle, Ohh I got it, lets become an Elder yeah then I can push everyone around stick my nose in their business, act all powerful because I'M AN ELDER, with a big E on my chest.

    Lolita, my father worked on well I can't say it, high security job, he made a lot of money, I think it was something like $30 per hour, plus all the benefits and such, the 2 elders who disfellowshiped him guess what they were, Humm give you 2 trys. My dad drove a Caddy into a Kingdumb hall parking lot of old beat up cars, we lived in a 6 bedroom house, it was not his fault, he worked very hard his entire life to have what he had, but ego and racist whitetrash elders needed to make themselves feel more powerful. I remember my mother even offered our house for bible study they rejected her, even though we had a family room that could probably hold 50 people. My mom told my dad to quit his job and go work at the parks department (cleaning public bathrooms) WTF!!!

  • free2beme

    I think the comments you are reading are being taken at face value, rather then for what they are actually meant for. They are not really putting down the profession, as it has to be done and someone might as well make money doing it. The comments are more directed at the idea of the Witnesses not being ones seen with doctors, lawyers, professionals with degrees, scientist, among their ranks. These are normally the people we expect to get advice from and are pron to learn from, as society has taught us that an educated mind is something worth listening too. Yet among the Witnesses, it is something that we did not expect from the rank and file. We expected to see people in power and of teaching level to people with no education and generally working as a janitor or a grounds keeper. Which in society, this is not where you would tell someone to seek advice from, especially major life changing advice. So when someone is making fun of these ways of life, they are more commenting that they know these are common threads we all knew about and can you believe we held such people in the same stature of a doctor, professor, etc. When they never even took the time to learn anything more then manual labor positions. It is just the truth to life, that the people who are respected the most are often the ones with the most education. The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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