My Whole Life Seems Like A Fabrication

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  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    Hi. I'm brand new here but have been reading for months. My sincere thanks to those who have come before me, shown me that I'm not alone, that I'm not nuts and not a loser. I was raised a Hoho, pioneered my best years away, I married a nice brother, my dad was an elder, one or of both my parents have been pioneers for 30 years+, we hosted Bethel speakers and GB members in our home, my parents have had numerous Circuit Ass. and District Ass. parts about their success as parents, as 5 out of 5 children were Hohos, until I quit the family religion.

    My husband and I played like we were attending/participating for the last 2+ years, and this was easy since we live in a different state from our JW families. But when it was too tiring to fake it, I let my parents know--simple as admitting that I didn't know our summer convention dates and that I didn't care to find out.

    The cruelty, curses, denials that came forth from my 'nice' parents, my sisters and brother are too much, too difficult and numerous to relate, and how many of you have dealt with the same--the hatred they can express is overwhelming!! They said I'm no longer their child, that I have lost the best parents in the whole world, and my mother included that I'm obviously addicted to drugs and alcohol, that's why the change, plus she said I looked horrible, used up and worn out and had no idea why I need to work full time since I have a husband. (After a few of the early accusing, nasty email conversations, my parents drove from Phoenix to Denver on the spur of the moment to see what was up with us-they popped in to my place of work and stayed for 10 minutes. That was the last time I'll ever see them.)

    I know now that my husband attended for years because he was raised to believe that he should, but never felt it. People were critical 13 years ago when I married him, because he wasn't an MS, a pioneer like me, or elder, and he didn't aspire to be. As a result he was always passed over for promotions in the cong, even early on when he was more inclined the Hoho way. What a blessing it has been to be married to someone who has never fallen for BS of any sort!

    I have more to say, but later.


    JC, Hoho No Mo'

  • KW13

    Welcome to JWD - glad ya joined

  • jgnat

    Give your hubby a hug from me when he gets home. It's a treat that you have each other.

    I imagine a great deal of the family hostility comes from their dashed hopes for future assembly parts. Congratulations on obtaining your freedom.

    Next step, build a network of friends away from the hall.

  • codeblue


    This is a great place for spiritual healing....I enjoyed reading about you.

    I am a fader of 3 years....This board has been very essential for me.

    Keep reading and posting.

  • BizzyBee

    Welcome, Spit!

  • beautifulisfree

    Welcome to the board!

    I am glad you have your husband to go through this with you...Yep, it's true JW family can me the most hateful towards you when you leave!! Best of luck on your journey to freedom!!
  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Glad you signed on ! Sorry your family is being such stinkers about your fade . Hope we hear more from you .

  • candidlynuts


    it is weird to be out after a lifetime in... i still have problems with the fact that I WILL (and am LOL) grow old and die someday.

    i wasnt supposed to have to go to high school !!

  • Twitch


    Done is done. Glad to hear you found your way out.

  • wonderwoman

    Welcome JC
    Many people on this site have been through the same experiences, realizing they have been living a lie and losing precious people over it. You have definitely made the right move and have come to the right place.
    I have found more encouragement and loving heartfelt advice here than in all my sad years in the org.
    How wonderful for you to have your man by your'll really need eachother.
    luv, WW

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