Can You Really Be Counted as an Apostate Publisher?

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  • Joker10

    People on this board have been been saying how they would never go door-to-door informing the public about their new JW views. One reason, it has been said, is that JWs would still be having an affect on them. They don't want to spend their Saturday mornings discussing the religion. But is it just talk?

    If, each month, the average Witness spends 10 hours preaching, how much do you spend posting on this board in hopes new people will get your message? Let's do the math.

    If we just say the average person spends 4 minutes reading and then responding to a post, a person with a history of 2000 posts a year spends more than 11 hours a month talking about this religion. It is about the same amount of time the average Witness spends in the ministry, if not more! So have they really 'escaped' the Watch Tower? With all the talk, shouldn't even 1 hour just be more than enough to make you 'sick'? The amount of time does not include reading other threads without responding, 'reaching out' to unsuspecting Witnesses (in person or on other JW boards); other apostate websites' activities, research and personal study, and the spread of their 'lifesaving' message in print.

    So how much 'small amount' of time do you take each month in spreading your Watch Tower message? And in research? And how can you hate the JW public ministry, when you are doing the same?

  • earthtone

    I personally do not post with the objective of hoping new ones will get my message. I came here to talk with others that were having doubts about the JW's. Just to exchanges thoughts and opinions. I don't see it being the same as activitely going door to door searching out new ones to study with. Most of the people here want to be here and learns answers to certain question. Most post Hi, I'm new here or this is my story... asking for advice or just to be heard.

    I can't see how it's the same thing as what JW's do in the ministry.

  • Finally-Free

    • I never "hated" the ministry. Sometimes I liked it, sometimes not, depending on my mood.
    • On this board the Watchtower does not dictate my "topic for conversation". I do.
    • I post when I feel like it, which is not usually on Saturday mornings.
    • Unlike watchtower drones, I'm not obligated to "report" my activity or inactivity each month.

    I don't hate the JW ministry. It's their lies, abuses, and hypocrisy that I hate.


  • SirNose586

    You've equate spending time preaching the JW message with spending time deconstructing JW theology. The difference is simple: in the former instance, we were selling magazines and books for a publishing corporation. Now we are spending time supporting each other and helping others see the light. It's a labor of love on the part of individuals such as Blondie, AlanF, Leolaia, Norm, and Danny Haszard (and many others) to provide information and research on a wide variety of topics.

    The amount of time spent is not the issue, because it's a worthwhile endeavor to help people the organization has abused.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex
    If, each month, the average Witness spends 10 hours preaching, how much do you spend posting on this board in hopes new people will get your message? Let's do the math.

    1. I don't knock on people's computers forcing them to read my posts, nor do I ask for donations
    2. The vast majority of my posts have little or nothing to do with doctrine or theology; just don't care about that stuff anymore
    3. I don't ignore counter arguments that are difficult or impossible to answer
    4. I don't brand someone who disagrees with my view of spirituality as 'apostate', 'heretic' or any other label
    5. I don't shun anyone who disagrees with my view of spirituality
    6. I don't claim to have all the answers or offer simple solutions to complex problems
    7. I don't equate disagreeing with anything I write as disagreeing with God
    8. I've never claimed to be inspired or directed by God, so that my posts would have authority
    9. My overall feeling toward that sect is one of annoyed indifference; "hate" is somewhat hyperbolic
    10. As for counting time, I'll count and report as much time as Jesus did

    That's all I could think of off the top of my head. Kind of a stretch to equate field service with a discussion board, don't you think?

  • HadEnuf

    Now I know why you're called Joker...because this is a joke...right?

  • itsallgoodnow

    I'm not doing "the same".

    Is posting on JWD a requirement imposed by a religion I have joined? No.

    Am I preaching a bunch of stupid lies made up by idiots in Brooklyn? No.

    What a ridiculous argument to make, Joker10. Weak. Very weak. Now, go back to sleep.

    BTW, we won't hear back from Joker10 on this thread, if any of his other threads are anything to go by.

  • Odrade

    I'm with HadEnuf, that's some funny sh*t! lol!

  • Rabbit

    OK, I've thought about going out in 'Anti-Witnessing' Field Service...I have 3.5 years of Reg. Pioneer 'service' under my belt, so, I think I know 'how'. But, beyond the short lived thrill of the experience...I don't really want to annoy the public anymore. I did that in spades. Enough !

    So, I can just imagine my presentation:

    Me: "Hi, we, uh, I mean *I* am not one of Jehovah's Witnesses anymore and..."

    "Excuse me ? You just woke me and my kids up,'re NOT one of those annoying, pesky, door bell ringing Witnesses ?So, you haven't changed much have you ? What the HELL do you not understand about, I-am-not-interested-in-whatever-you-are-selling ???

    Me: "Oh, well, you see...I'm not selling anything..."

    " want a donation ? Here's a quarter...please go away and don't come back, K ?"

    Me: "No, no...please [hands back quarter] I was just coming by to tell you the Witnesses do not have the Truth ™, they break up families and the world is really not coming to an "End" very soon. And...and the Watchtower is full of lies...a-and ...shit."

    "Really ? You don't say...and just how long did it take you to figure THAT out, huh ? Geez, you're no rocket scientist, are ya' ?

    Me: "No...hell, I guess I wasn't too smart was I ? Well, it took me 35 years, before I finall..."

    "God bless ya' ! Listen carefully...What the HELL do you not understand about, I-am-not-interested-in-whatever-you-are-selling ???

    Me: "No...really...not selling...I just wanted to warn you about Jehova..."

    " Brutus, our Great Dane SIC 'em boy...!"

    Me: "No, no... ow, dammit...good doggie, goo...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to that again. Btw, I was bitten badly while pioneering. I paid for it myself. The elders said not to do anything that would 'bring reproach on Gawd's Org." Even tho' the homeowner was responsible for keeping his viscious dog locked in his back yard.

    Rabbit (not going there again class)

  • earthtone

    lol @ rabbit... that was some fun s**t. Imagine that on the district convention platform.

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