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  • Auchmull
    just imagine a spider human sized and its pray human sized. I doubt that even the sickest horror movie director could have come up with that particular nightmare

    You clearly don't watch enough movies. I saw one just the other night.

  • hillary_step


    You clearly don't watch enough movies. I saw one just the other night.

    Sorry, Presidential press conferences do not count. ;)


  • Auchmull


    I'm working on a bibliography for you. Don't plan to eat when you watch these movies...

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Ok, now that I've got this password thing figured out......

    I wanted to let you guys know that I've read every single one of these replies.
    I've been just dealing with a password glitch.

    These were some of the most thought provoking posts I've ever read.

    When I was a dubber I used to have the lowest opinion of atheists. Agnostics were barely tolerable.

    In the last few months I have questioned many, many things.
    I'm still not sure where I will end up in terms of my beliefs.
    They are ever evolving.
    One of my first posts on this board was this comment:

    You guys made my point exactly. I look at people who have done everything they can to be decent, kind human beings, yet they worshipped Zeus. (or whoever) That's where I am having a tough time right now. I never liked the concept of hell, I still don't. The radio host on my local Christian music station read a letter from a woman who didn't want to believe in hell. His response was that, well, too bad. He likened it to saying that it would be like a little kid saying to his daddy, I like the neighbors boy daddy better then you. Which, I guess, I could see his point. But still, God, Almighty, be it YHWH or Whomever, has got to be a just God. Or else, why bother. Like sunchild said, we face him at the end with our deeds to answer for. I used to say that if I wasn't a JW I'd be pagan. Somehow, I have a difficult time really doing that. Giving up the whole teaching of Jesus and his death. Still, some things in the bible make me stop and say..... "Huh?" Like when you look at some of the old law. It feels like women weren't much more then a bargaining tool. It's aggravating. One day, Buddhism makes a hell of a lot of sense.... next day Christainity offers more hope. In the end, I don't want to be a person that goes back and forth. My head hurts....

    Since then I've gone back and forth so many times. Thinking each time I got it right.
    Now, I think I'm kind of getting that it's not about getting it 'right' when it comes to this.
    But coming to a conclusion that makes sense for me and yep, there may be others who won't be happy with that conclusion.
    But it's my head and my life and my sense of reason.
    I risked and lost so much to take this damn journey.
    I respect each and every one of you in some way for the simple fact that you have done the same and in the face of a world that can be quite nasty with atheists and agnostics, you live your life who you are.
    Thanks for sharing guys.

    I'm incredibly sorry this took so long. I wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated your thoughts and posts.

    BlackSwan of Memphis

  • LtCmd.Lore

    I am between agnostic and atheist.

    There is, in fact, no way to prove a god like thing doesn't exist. So I won't try.

    I like the great points that were brought out here that I never thought of before. Like when somebody said that, in theory, some allmighty god could have created the universe five minutes ago and made it look like it had been here for millenia, and there would be no way to prove otherwise. I never thought of that before, that's a cool saying. It shows that it shouldn't be up to the atheists to prove that god doesn't exist, but instead it should be up to believers to prove he does.

    I also like the statement about the lepricons... I'm not against lepricons, I simply don't think they exist... And the sad thing is, there is no more proof of gods existence than there is of lepricons, and yet billions of people believe in one. (God that is.)

    And the prevailing idea is that if god does exist he's one heck of a jerk. Honestly I don't think even Hitler would have allowed the world to suffer so much if he had unlimited power... Let alone his children. Every single illustration and explantion as to why god allows suffering... just doesn't cut it.

    Like the one about a perent letting a child undergo a painfull operation if it would help in the end. It doesn't work because no parent would let their child undergo this operation of they were omnipotent and could simply cure it.

    Or the one about a parent letting a rebelious child suffer if it refused to accept help. This doesn't work either since the human race is not all one person. Religion exists so therefore some people think they need gods help right? And yet god allows them to suffer too? This is like a parent neglecting all their kids because one rebelled.

    To the best of my knowledge religion is a waste of the only life I have, Kind of like paying thousands of dollars a month on insurance to a company that hasn't given any proof of it's existence for thousands of years. So in conclusion I don't care if god does exist, if he doesn't do anything who cares? Not me!

  • parakeet

    ***I want what "Jehovah" promises. I want that paradise.***
    Just because you want something does not mean it's going to happen. When I was a kid, I wished for a pony so intensely that I convinced myself I was going to get one. Wishful thinking, however fervently believed, does not constitute unassailable truth.
    You also say that you don't even want to entertain the idea of there being no god. This is the kind of closed-minded thinking that so frustrates the rest of us. Wake up! What are you afraid of? Use the brain you claim your god gave you.
    I became an agnostic after I realized the JW religion/cult was based on lies. I became an atheist after extensive reading about other religions, which were based on flimsy premises as well. The one exception is Buddhism, a religion that has no personal god, that is based on "nothingness" yet is not nihilistic. But I have no plans on becoming a Buddhist any time soon.

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