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  • wednesday

    JWS are not known for actually engaging in real discussion, you know the kind where both people get to have an opinion. They are used to preaching and setting other people straight. That is not a discussion.

    if you have come here to discuss, then you will have to allow the other person to talk too and to have an opinion. Otherwise as another poster suggested, you'd be better off on an exculsive JWS board. There you will only hear one opinion-JWS, and if you don't agree, you will be removed from the board. Here, you will have to get used to hearing other beliefs -ones other than your own.

    It's hard to hear emotion on a discussion board, sometimes we read things into posts that are really just projections of our own reality.


    Welcome to the board. if you think people argue here, well, you must be new to the world of discussion boards.This is a very tame board. We do have mods. you can ring for help if needed.


  • MsMcDucket

    What the hell did you expect from a bunch of apostates? We don't believe in the tower anymore (well most of us). You should be glad that anyone responded to your thread at all. You should be honored, actually, because some threads don't even get looked at period.

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