What disfellowshippable offenses have you done for the day?

by ColdRedRain 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • blondie

    I'm pretty tame:

    I posted here on JWD.


  • okie46

    well since last post on this subject, I went to the pool, swam, watched the hummingbirds and squirrels, listened to the locusts, came back to my apartment, drank wine and talked about men and religion with a neighbor friend of mine. Guess nothing major?? My life is pretty tame really.

  • okie46

    Wait a minute,,,, on second thought, my neighbor and I talked about sex and sex toys??? Does that count?

  • JWdaughter

    Today I was on this board. Otherwise I haven't smoked, gotten a blood transfusion, read porn, fornicated, adulterated, or done anything that is now or has formerly been a disfellowshipping offence.

    OOOPS, I lied(amazingly, not something that tends to get one disfellowshipped! And LYING is an actual sin). Today my daughter turned 15, I bought her a cake and ice cream, gave her gifts, sang happy bd. Thought about how happy I am that I have her. That will get me sent to eternal destruction or whatever quick, won't it. Because SOME might interpret the gifts or cake as acts of WORSHIP!!!!

    Shoot, I was so proud that I wasn't a sinner by anyones standards for one day!

  • oldflame

    I smoked some really good weed. And now I am full of demons !!!!

    NOT !

  • wonderwoman

    Well lets see, I smoked and had a couple of beers while talking to an old flame on the phone.
    I am positive I may have possibly used some foul language unbefitting a Christian.
    I hung out with my lesbian neighbors while our children swam in the pool. (I know, I know...how could I?)
    I am still happily living in sin with my lover.
    I have periodically checked out an apostate site and have loved every minute of it.
    I threw one of the Big J's books in the trash...

  • daniel-p

    like Forscher, just coming here to this website willingly and "lingering" on it's aposta-pages is reason enough to get me DF'd. Also, I have done at least one of my heathen-prayers for the day, bowing my head before my meal and basically praying that if there is a God may he please &$^# off and leave my mind in peace.

  • JWdaughter

    Was just looking at this thread again and I feel so healed! Because when I first started my post, I was thinking-hey, other than being on this thread I am fine! Even to a JW-nothing to say about me. Then I remembered that BIRTHDAYS are a bad thing. . .and I had to correct the original statement. But the fact that I am SO out of the org that I didn't even twinge any guilt, not even a whisper of it AWES me beyond what you might understand. My last childhood BD was when I was 8. I think Christmas was 7. Then nothing till I was nearly an adult. I had some serious indoctrination happening-I was in the org from when I was born (mid 60's) until the early 80's. I remember some STUFF!

    Bless all of you who are cool with blowing it off on a regular basis-I am still amazed at how normal I actually am somedays (although my teenagers would argue that)


  • sass_my_frass

    I celebrated my birthday by giving blood!

  • Gill

    I bought a couple of lottery tickets. I have visited and posted on this site, so a touch of apostasy. And the day is still young......

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