What disfellowshippable offenses have you done for the day?

by ColdRedRain 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • ColdRedRain

    Today, as I celebrated the last day in the first half of my 20's, I started doing all sorts of sinful things. I have done the following disfellowshippable offenses I've smoked weed, I've been on an unchaperoned date (with the most wonderful person in the world, my beautiful and still charming ex girlfriend), I've gotten drunk, talked to a disfellowshipped person, and to boot, I'm on an apostate site.

  • Gregor

    Not a very impressive list. I have posted a few apostate, sacriligous comments on an internet Apostate site. But the days not over.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    What did you do CRR, I can't see anything there, or have you been extra well - behaved today?

  • Nowman

    1. I swore

    2. I told dirty jokes with my girlfriends

    3. I ve been on this forum today

    4. Ive questioned the beliefs of the JWs

    Its been a good day.


  • Warlock

    1. I got on the "evil" internet.

    2. I conversed with "evil" apostates.

    3. I made some "evil" comments in some of my conversations with those same "evil" apostates.

    4. I YELLED AT SOME "EVIL" LADIES. They know who they are.

    5. I had "evil" thoughts.

    Warlock (Mr. Evil)

  • aquagirl

    way way too many to list..i woke up happy and just got happier as the day went and goes on..thats a big difference from being a dub,and living riddled in fear and guilt...

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I'm da'd anyway, but if I wasn't....


    Being on an apostate website

    Criticising the wts

    Phone sex (can't have the real thing, my bf is away)

  • skeeter1

    I gave about 9 viles of blood today for testing. (I know this is allowed, but it's pretty close). I looked at this web-site and posted anti-JW material. (Bulls-eye)


  • BrendaCloutier

    Associating with apostates.

    Posting on apostate sites on the evil internet.

    Having a massage, with an apostate massage therapist.

    Spoke and wrote plenty today against Jehovah's Loving Organization(tm)

    Swore,, dammit!

    Used pot (medicinally!)

    Made plans to attend an apostfest

    Ongoing; I live in sin with my boyfriend of 9 years.

    I'm happy! A true sin again Jehoover.

  • nsrn

    Let's not forget my American flag flying on the porch!

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