Character actor Bruno Kirby has died...

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  • TresHappy

    He was just 57. Diagnosed with acute leukemia two weeks ago, he died today. He was in two of my favorite movies: City Slickers and When Harry Met Sally.

  • purplesofa

    City of my favorite movies.

  • BizzyBee

    So sad.........he was not a big splash actor, but very enjoyable to watch.......always a genuine performance.................

  • Sunnygal41

    I loved him in City Slickers...........but, I thought he had died a few years ago........honestly, someone told me that the actor in City Slickers died...........perhaps I'm confused by all the time traveling I've been doing lately...........

  • Confession

    Sorry to hear. I had an ongoing debate with a former business partner about Bruno Kirby that started at least a dozen years ago.

    I was positive he was an occasional character in the TV series, Room 222. I remember his chipmunky voice when I was just a kid. I even remembered that he played a teenager named Herbie Considine. My friend insisted he could not have been. "Bruno Kirby was FIVE when Room 222 was on," he'd say."

    It took years and years, but finally (with the help of the internet) I was vindicated...

    From IMDb: Bruno Kirby.... Herbie Constadine (1971-1973) (as B. Kirby Jr.)
    Condolances to his family and friends.
  • mrsjones5

    I liked him a lot. His dad was a character actor too, he was in a lot of Columbo shows usually as an underling of Columbo. Bruno and his father were even in an episode of Columbo together. Bruno played a cadet at a military academy and his father played a detective working with Columbo. I think his father's name was Bruce.


  • TresHappy

    My JW mom taped all the Columbo episodes and she gave them to me last year to watch. I remembered some of them, however my favorite one is the one that takes place at the military academy. I think they filmed it at the Citadel in South Carolina; it was a great mix of characters; I loved Columbo driving Patrick McGoohan's character crazy as he tried to solve the crime. Those Columbo episodes are fun to watch; dated but great television.

  • gaiagirl

    Bruno also played a high school student named Danny J DeVito (no kidding) in the film "Almost Summer" from around 1978, which also starred Didi Conn. I'd like to find this on DVD.

  • Beachbender

    RIP Bruno

    I remember him as well from the Columbo series, I was a huge fan! and he played Young Clemenza in the GodFather movies, and he was in Good Morning Vietnam, Tales from the Crypt.


    I loved him as young Clemenza in The Godfather Part 2 & as Leiutenant (Sp?) Steve in Good Morning Vietnam.

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