How many meetings could you miss in a row and no questions asked?

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    If you notice, the ones who are missed tend to be the ones with assignments at the KH, men for the most part. By extension, elders' wives tend to be noticed more than other women when they miss the meetings, not due to loving concern but that the other elders' wives don't want them missing out on the boredom and getting away with something they feel they can't. But then there are others who say no one notices when they miss for months.

    When I transferred to a new congregation, I remember being told about an older sister whose husband was not a JW. She fell into easily ignored/missed categories, 1) unbelieving husband, 2) poor, 3) old, 4) a woman. Weeks went by and she was not at the meetings. It was surmised that she had gone on a long vacation with her husband but no one knew for sure. After 2 months, the elders dropped by without calling first. The husband came to the door and asked why the elders were there. "To visit your wife and encourage here." "She's not here; you can visit her here. I buried her 2 weeks ago." As he handed them the brochure for the cemetery. The elders quickly said condolences and left. They blamed the non-JW husband for not calling the congregation and telling them that his wife was sick or had died. How the elders missed the 4 inch obituary in the local paper was beyond me.



    Since I am still an elder then I could miss maybe 2 then they'd be checking on me. After reading CoC and In Search of Christian Freedom I faked illness and missed almost 2 wks worth because I had to digest what I had read, I had elders calling me pretending they were concerned after I missed my 2nd TMS and Service Meeting.... finally I gave in and went since the wife was getting suspicious.

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    I missed meetings for 2 months lately and no one contacted me.

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  • calico

    It's been at least a year since I've been to the meetings--no calls yet--some tell my husband to say "hi" to me--funny, those particular ones never talked to me when I was there!

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