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  • freetosee
    women beating babies in the bathroom for crying during the meeting

    Plmkrzy, is this still going on today? I haven’t been at the meetings for long, but this is a big issue for me. I got lots of spanking in the kh bathroom and at very meeting you saw parents taking their little ones downstairs into the bathroom and you could still hear the beating and screaming.

    I thought this was changed since the wt April 1st, 1998. This long time advocating of child abuse is a prime reason mental instability of jw raised in the truth. In Germany it is illegal to beat children since 1950 I wonder how the politicians secretly ruled by Satan got the ‘light’ before the FDS. Welcome to the 21st Century!


  • hambeak

    Yeah I saw it too In Vallejo CA early 60's I was 10 and didn't know what it was but the sister who played the piano was a total nut and was a regular pioneer and never talked to anyone. Another one talked to himself all the time, the wife of our presiding overseer was totally crazy. another was a crippled old gal who had an electrical wheelchair and would run people down with the damn thing. It goes on and on lol


  • lawrence

    With the mantra, "I pummel my body and lead it as a slave..." what "balanced" mental attitude could exist? Man, we had some real nuts - BTW, they were the elders. With "blood guilt", the Big A rotting off the flesh, JCs, shunning, meetings up the ying yang, elders snooping, and the constant interrogation, "SO, how are you doing brother Lawrence?" "SO, how are you doing sister 4 hours a month?" "SO, we've missed you at the meetings Brother overworked, underloved, and just trying to survive." "SO, do you think we'll see you out in service this weekend sister Prozac?" "SO, how do you feel about the Faithful & Discreet Slave being the mouthpiece of Jehovah?"

  • anewme

    Honestly in my old hall there was a strong mix. I was always surprised to meet anyone who was sane or who had a nice hobby they participated in. I was drawn to these. But for some reason I was always paired with the insane or unsociable, so much so that I came to feel it was my part in the organization to assist the socially or mentally impaired. Not good.

  • anewme

    I got so used to weirdos and misfits that I made a special effort out in field service to invite this kind of person to the hall. I will never forget the time I brought a very strange girl to the book study.
    She raised her hand and said her name was Abe Lincoln and said some weird stuff about God and then she stood up and pulled her pants down and mooned the group with her bare ass.

    Well the party was over for her right then and there! I gathered her up, apologized to the group and drove her home. I never visited her again. What was wrong with me to bring a complete lunatic to the meeting??
    But weekly very weird people were coming to the meetings and we were supposed to greet all new ones. This was drummed into us since childhood. Do it for Jehoober we were told. Good God!

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Troubled mind .....it's not just a member name anymore it's an identity

  • plmkrzy


    Plmkrzy, is this still going on today?

    I couldn’t say either way, the last time I attended a meeting was in 2004, a one time thing taking my mother. There were no babies at that KH for anyone to beat on so I really couldn't say. The last KH I regularly attended was in the 90's and it was a small cong with no little ones. My memories of baby beatings go back to the old congs that I grew up in. I have seen parents, jw parents, since then smack the s*#t out of their kids though.

    I thought this was changed since the wt April 1st, 1998.

    I hope so.

  • plmkrzy
    another was a crippled old gal who had an electrical wheelchair and would run people down with the damn thing.

    lol! Maybe she wasn't so crazy.

  • brutusmaximus

    Yes, in fact a few committed suicide sadly

    One threw themselves from their apartment window to the waiting sidewalk below (translated for our Ameican friends)


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