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  • Jim_TX

    The other day, I was in a local Half-Price bookstore. Just out of curiosity, I went down the 'religious' isle, and sure enuf, I saw a couple of publications by the Witnesses wedged in with the usual other things, bible-related.

    I also saw a Spanish printed something-or-other... a recent publication (although I don't remember the copyright date). I was looking at the information, and it said something like...

    Published by the Watchtower Bible and Trach Society and International Bible Students Association ... etc

    I didn't realize that they still claimed the IBSA in their publications. I thought that that got dropped waaaaay back in the 1940's or so. Why do they still put this inside their Spanish publications? (This one was not that old - possibly from the 1980's or more recent - as I do not recall the English version, as I had left before this one was printed.)


    Jim TX

  • Norm

    BSA is alive and well. Just up the road from the old London Bethel stands a relatively new edifice, IBSA House:


  • badboy


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I just found this on Wikipedia:

    The International Bible Students Association is a corporation used by Jehovah's Witnesses.

    It was founded in 1914 by Pastor Russell in London, England, and was the first legal corporation representing Pastor Russell's ministry in Europe (Two previous such organizations, the Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society, and the People's Pulpit Association, had already existed in the USA).

    After the foundation of the International Bible Students Association, Pastor Russell recommended that local groups avoid using this name except at the national and international level, and advertise themselves as "Associated Bible Students" instead.

    Today, the Bible Student movement continues to trace their doctrinal heritage to Pastor Russell while rejecting the changes in both doctrine and administration that took place following his death in 1916, but promulgated by Jehovah's Witnesses from 1931 to the present day. Despite the schism which began in 1917, the International Bible Students Association remained under control of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

    As has been said, IBSA is still alive and kicking

  • Jim_TX
    As has been said, IBSA is still alive and kicking

    Well... I was a JW for about 20 years... (about 1963 to 1983), and I never heard of the IBSA - except in the JW 'history' lessons, and what they 'used' to be known as.

    I still find it odd that they would use the IBSA in the front of their publications - unless they are trying to use a term familiar to those outside the U.S.


    Jim TX

  • fullofdoubtnow

    It looks like it's just a European arm of the wts Jim, seeing as the head office seems to be in London, so maybe it wouldn't be publicised that much in the USA.

  • Inquisitor

    "The International Bible Students Association , and other legal organs, were under the control of Jehovah's Witnesses following a disputed election process which lead to Rutherford becoming the second president of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society. Early efforts by Bible Students to reclaim control of the Society by legal means was eventually dropped by them due to the belief that 'bringing your brother to court' was unscriptural. As a result, all of the incorporated organizations founded by Russell remained firmly in the hands of Joseph Rutherford, and the succeeding presidents."

    taken from

    It looks like it's just a European arm of the wts Jim, seeing as the head office seems to be in London, so maybe it wouldn't be publicised that much in the USA. - fullofdoubtnow

    I gather that IBSA is currently a legal corporation under JW administration. However the name used to represent the collective group of Bible Students who are loyal to Pastor Russell. To this day, Pastor Russell's Bible Students are quick to point out that they are NOT Jehovah's Witnesses. The IBSA office may be standing in London, but the splinter groups(formerly Associated Bible Students, aka IBSA) can still be found in the USA.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    the splinter groups (formerly Associated Bible Students, aka IBSA) can still be found in the USA.

    Yep - the ones I have encountered in person and on the internet seem far more humble than the Jw's too.

    Of course they are still under 'old light', so they havent' become arrogant assholes enlightened as to Jehovah's modern ways yet.


  • Jim_TX

    Ok, thanks to all who have replied to this... I am impressed with yall's ability to Google terms. *rolls eyes*
    Anyway... I guess the puzzlement that I had (if you re-read my original words), is the WTBTS when they print books - using both the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society & International Bible Students Association in their 'published by' section of the books - in their Spanish books.
    Does anyone (I don't think you can 'Google' this one fellas...) know if they also place the IBSA name in the publications that are now printed for the English-speaking folks?
    When I was still in - they didn't. Like I said previously, I thought that they dropped the IBSA - and relegated it to a renegade group of 'apostates' that dis-agreed with the Jehovah's Witnesses... but of course... I may not be remembering too well... and they continuously revise their 'history'.
    Another thing... if they ARE using the IBSA in Spanish books - and NOT in English books... WHY? They are both printed in New York, aren't they? Seems kinda ... odd ... to me.

    Jim TX

  • blondie

    The thing to understand is that WT publications are published based on location not language. For many years, the British branch was responsible for printing English for the European section as well as many other languages, such as Spanish for the many years the WTS was "underground" in Spain and there were not separate printing facilities in Spain..

    I'm sure if the Canadian ex-JWs looked at their books that it would probably say Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Canada. (before 1982)

    I'm sure it is similar with publications in English from the UK, that British corporations would be listed not US ones.

    I have noticed that when KMs from Canada or UK are posted on JWD that they have different corporations listed than in the US although all 3 areas print in English.


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