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  • Gill

    A very beautiful young sister was harrassed on the telephone regularly by two MS's, making sexual suggestions to her. Both these MS's were married to very attractive young women as well, so it was pretty crazy. The young sister complained to the Elders, and the MS's confessed and were removed from office.

    A few weeks later, one of the ex MS's was killed being driven to work by a speeding JW friend.

    The widow moved in with the woman who had been harrassed (don't get excited here. Nothing sexual) and moved away from the area. A year later they had both married and remarried.

    Other forms of harrassment - my poor husband harrassed week after week, by window cleaner elders because he dared to work overtime in his already pretty well paid job. Then me also harrassed on Saturday mornings when out in service for having the cheek to have a husband who worked hard for a living.

  • mrsjones5

    My cousin was harassed by a married "brother" who's wife was a close friend of her's (so she thought). There were a couple of meetings with the elders about it and I even got pulled into it and was asked if my cousin was doing anything to encourage the brother to act this way? I hadn't seen anything nor did I believe that my cousin was in any interested in the man

    He reminded me an actor from Little House of the Prairie.

    His wife was extremely jealous and thought my cousin must have been doing some to sway her husband. What was bad about it was it was all him, he had developed an obbession about my cousin, told his wife about it and on top of that would compare his wife to my cousin, giving his wife the short end of the stick. I don't remember the outcome of it all other than my cousin lost a friend. I don't even think the elders did anything to my cousin or the "brother".

  • dobbie

    My hubbys cousin was harassed by an elder in her congregation he stalkedher too and it was in the local papers.He had to step down but she was so messed up her marriage of a yr broke up and she left the religion.

  • atypical

    I was harassed by one of my pioneer buddies. We were about 18/19 and good friends at first. He started following me around town when I didn't know it, and then would ask me the next day if my parents knew what I had been doing (that particular time I had gone to visit my girlfriend at her work - I was absolutely forbidden to date her). Then he started using my name as his own. I was approached by some local wannabe thugs who were ready to beat the tar out of me because this guy had been going around town putting them down and using my name as his.

    When I tried to confront him about what he was doing, he literally ran and called the police. He then went to the elders and told them that I tried to run him over with my car. This happened the day before I left for pioneer school (he wasn't going because he had been removed a few weeks back). It sounds funny now that I am retelling it, but at the time I was seriously traumatized. It was the first reality check I really had as a witness, having been extremely sheltered my whole life up to that point.

  • mama1119

    There was a couple in our hall who had left there husbands/wives for each other, caused a big scandal...then after about 10 years, he started stalking this married woman at work, calling repeatedly, threatening the husband, grabbing her etc...so the wife did this huge makeover thing and tried to spruce up thinking her husband would stop his obsession wioth the woman at work, but it didn't...he ended up df, they divorced and she remarried for the third time just a few months later to some dude on the internet.

  • DannyHaszard

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  • Arthur

    Oh, man, Danny

    Why did you have to put up those crime scene photos of the family that got murdered? I could see mentioning it, and posting a news story, but come on, those are a couple of little girls; why do you have to display them like that?

    It's nothing against you personally. I'm not trying to attack you personally, or anything like that. I just thought that displaying those dead girls was in poor taste. Let them rest in peace with some dignity. At least black out their faces.

    This is just my personal observation, and is not meant as any kind of indictment toward you personally.

    Best Regards

  • DannyHaszard
    I just thought that displaying those dead girls was in poor taste Let them rest in peace with some dignity.At least black out their faces.

    Roger that!

    Now,back to the topic of Kingdumb hell harassment

  • Wolfgirl

    I was harassed, stalked, and threatened by a mentally unstable brother. He was a few years younger than me, and developed an obsession with me at a young age. When I was a teen, he threatened to kill anyone who showed the slightest amount of interest in me. He would make sexual remarks about me, and what he wanted to do to me.
    As he got older, he would say stuff about how he dreamt about me and our children, sitting at his feet. *runs off to be ill at both the thought of having children with him, and sitting at his feet like some animal*
    The older he got, the more threatening he became.
    It finally all came to a head when he threatened to rape and kill me, while I was talking to some other people in the KH. Plenty of people heard him. When I went to the elders, they said, "Consider the source." I told them I was, and that I knew he was unstable and had a fascination with knives and martial arts. They tried to blow it off, saying that the fact he was not completely there mentally meant they couldn't do anything about it. I point-blank told them, "If you thought he was capable of making the decision to get baptised, then you can't change your mind now and say he's not mentally capable of deciding between right and wrong. You WILL talk to him and get him to leave me alone, or I will handle it." I think that was the beginning of the end with me and the elders.
    They did talk to him, but I found out a few days later that he got a job across the street from me. I called the police in both the city I lived in and the city I worked in, and filed police reports so there would be a record that I was being stalked.
    The elders later DF'd him years later, not for repeatedly threatening to rape and kill me, but because he started talking drugs.

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