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  • james_woods

    Boyle's law perfection of math in the calculations or not; it still does not explain to me how there was a smooth concentric sphere of dirt and rock; on top of that enough water in vapor or ice form to deluge the planet, and in between an atmospheric layer which was of breathable temperature and pressure holding up all that water.

    The theory that the water canopy was somehow in orbit does not make it for me either - in that case it would have to be ice pellets in circular orbit like the rings of saturn.

    Now, when that came down it would have been the hailstorm to end all hailstorms, for sure.

    Of course, all this is like debating 607BCE - when it just cannot hold up to any more analysis, you just say "thats the way it was cause thats the way I think the bible says it was - don't you believe in the BIBLE???

  • hamsterbait

    Nope, Heathen, didn't drop out of school.

    I'd seen too many elderly pioneers struggling to be silly enough to put off any plans. I was already doubting then.

    But I do insist that people can find things out for themselves. By the way a tonne of helium weighs the same whether it is solid liquid or gas. Just try inserting different variables into the equations for different atmospheric chemistries indicated in ancient rocks.


  • stevenyc
    Things do fall to the earth true but only things not flying fast enough to avoid the gravitational pull , thus why we have satellites in orbit.

    But, not why clouds are in the sky. Moist air is less dense than cool air, and therefore sits on the cool air. Adding other gases to the atmosphere to 'hold' the water in place would still add pressure at the earths surface, alter the amount of energy received from the sun, alter the salinity levels of the sea, and would have left an unmistakable signature in the formation of all geological structures across the entire planet at the same time.

    Also, the storage and keep of all type of animals is beyond the constraints of the small craft Noah had.

    Take the African elephant:

    225 liters of water per day X 7 months = over 47000 liters of water X 7 elephants = 329000 liters of water. A full bath holds about 140 liters. So that would be 2350 baths of water, for one 'type' of animal.

    220 to 440 lb. of vegetation per day X 7 months = 439040 lbs of food. Just imagine the poundage of waste. If you think a bale of straw is around 18kg, or about 40lb that would be 11000 bales of food.

    The only feasibility of the Noah story is that God ignored physics, biology, and chemistry, and made it so. If you believe that, then there is no point in a rational discussion. If you don't believe it, then it becomes a literary discussion akin to asking how fast could Harry Potter fly while playing quidditch.


  • heathen

    I have yet to see any credible scientist discuss the WTBTS thesis on what happened . I think it would be interesting . I know clouds are just water vapor that are lighter than air . That was part of my point that there are gases lighter than air and our atmosphere contains them . Just watching a show last night about the little ice ages , scientists believe there was a mass extinction 14k years ago but what if that was actually the flood ? A flood like that would definately mess up the fossil record . Most definately a mass extinction would be involved . It is a difficult part of the bible to understand and believe , no doubt about that .

  • clarity

    Bump ...... now to find AlanF's flood account!

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